1. S

    Testing tesing 123....

    Hey again, Ok can anyone help; every time i play the game i run qindows media player to have my own songs but it slows the game down. how do i put songs in the game if dat is possible.... Thank you in advance....
  2. M

    Esf 1.23 crash

    i have a problem with esf 1.23..when i start a game with esf,it starts and i can play very well...but after a few minutes,the game crash(the video go to block and the sound too)...so i must press ctrl+alt+canc and restart the application...i want to know how to play without this...
  3. M

    Problem with half life and esf version 1.23

    i am receiving a error: couldn't load library esf/cl_dlls/client.dll when i start a new game it appear that message...and i am kicked from the game... i would like to know i can i play esf,because half life game starts,but not the mod...so i ask you for an help...a last thing...i am an...
  4. C

    Download for 1.23

    All your downloads dont work. I cant download 1.22>1.23 patch. Could someone host it or email it to me and ill start a torrent for it. coolrider64n@gmail.com You need to send it in parts in 10mb parts use winrar to do it. Also in the proformance thread I think you should add turning...
  5. dematbreizh

    Trying to play the 1.23

    i love esforces 1.1 :yes: but i tried to play the 1.2 and more... but nothing works to the problem: the game returns to windowsXP :cry: I tried to delete the mod, to reinstall it, on an other computer... :fight: I just want to play on LAN, so i don't have won installed (how to do it?), and...
  6. J

    testing 123 testing

    this is a test cause im a newbie lloll :D