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    Will there be Kaioken?

    going a little of topic here but emeka to play goku u need *skill* just thought i would state that
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    Goku move list

    i think he also gets a diffrent kind of kame wave when he turns ssj (possible Chou kame wave) not sure though
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    Starting problem

    got my sig hosted but damn 50kb is alot small for what i had in mind had to shrink it down a ton, thanks
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    Starting problem

    thanks, u got sites u know? that i can go to host it please
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    Starting problem

    K try this 1.go to desktop right click/new/newtextdocument 2.rename new text document to Halflife.exe 3.right click Halflife.exe then there should be a tab called program if yur using XP then in the comand line type *C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -console*without the * then hit apply there...
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    Mega Kamehameha?

    Are you talking about the Ultimate-Kamehameha or 10X Kamehameha?? is so thats only used by Gogeta in DBGT and seen as its DBZ not DBGT not saying thats what u talkin about just sounds like it :O)
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    Grabing A Person!!

    1.Its a great idea and the ESF team **SHOULD** look into it 2.maybe u should change some things like when your flying and u grab them it stops them doing any attack they were doing and starts the power strugle if the person holding onto the other person wins u should have a few options what u...