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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    Considering this is an anime and not a movie, they will have more time to flesh out characters and the story. I'd like to think it will be DBZ upgraded to the modern era. Also this quote, It doesn't look like he'll have full control which can be both bad and good simultaneously. I am hoping...
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    GT was never canon, so they just threw it out the window. This one is by Toriyama himself, so hype.
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    Choose a better title for crying out loud. This is big news. hleV, go pout in a corner. You don't have to watch it if you don't like it but I want my DB fix.
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    Tone it down hleV.
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    Anyone has this problem?

    Is it still happening?
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    How Far Are We?

    ^ Pretty much.
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    Regarding melee

    Keep it civil. No need to attack each other. Either discuss respectfully or find something else to do.
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    How Far Are We?

    Game development isn't something that can be easily converted to percentages. Its a pretty dynamic process. Even if someone says that 90% of the game is done, those last 10% may end up taking the same amount of time as the initial 90%, which pretty much makes the numbers obsolete. So far they...
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    Aldnoah Zero

    Fudge Slaine, he can go jump in a well.
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    Jumping for distance vs Jumping for hight

    I liked wall jumping just for how cool it looked and felt. I hope it stays,
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    Jumping for distance vs Jumping for hight

    lol I actually like the idea, although when you want to dodge, you normally want to do it instantly. Thus teleport works better in that regard. And when you just want to move without a time constraint, you fly. I would like to see something like this because more options are good to have while...
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    [POTW] Arabian Nights

    Needs more of dat HD Lava glow.
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    Falcon, nothing you said deals with the topic of this thread. He wants to help with sound effects, nothing to do with models. Also, you do not speak for the dev team so don't go around saying people will get hired for whatever reason. hleV, play nice. Mobius, wait for someone from the dev...
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    Android 17

    LSSJ and Bandit are the same person. He got too many infractions which resulted in his ban. Zeroc got banned for post pr0n in chat box. Just a clarification.
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    Its that time again. Time for "Who would win?"

    I dont know who Jenova is so it would feel like cheating if I wikied and replied. Although I'd go with Lavos because holy crap giant planet sucking bug.