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    i can afort this game but my pc doesn't :D
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    Goten/Trunks/Gotenks Suggestion

    goten/truks/gotenks in esf? OH GOD THANK U ESF TEAM :D
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    New Gamemodes

    good ideea with the tournament mod :D
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    triple teleport

    yeah you're right :)
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    triple teleport

    i knew that but it would be coll hiting 1 key and triple teleporting :D
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    triple teleport

    i was thinking if yo uguys can add the triple teleport in esf 1.3. if dont understand what i am saying watch dbz episode 113 when goku fights android 19 :)
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    skating vs soccer

    i love skateboarding but soccer every persone ho playis this sport (in my town) they are all idiots (some of them)
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    NEw PTW! o/

    is the pic from esf 1.3? i thought that the max pl was 100 ml
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    skating vs soccer

    i was refering to skateboarding :D
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    skating vs soccer

    hy guys i want you're opinion, witch sport is better skating or soccer? and give me reasons pls :)
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    esf,what the hell you do?

    goku ssj5 does not exist in any of the db series its a fake :(
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    wtf steam soooo suck

    did u tipe you're username or password corect?
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    ASF is back

    is there a download link for asf? thx :)
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    cheaters among us

    well that is an ideea but i wanted just to be sure ;)
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    cheaters among us

    thats not the problem i mean a guy didn't know how to do a swop or block an atack and 7 minutes later he was like a god i mean that was very strange