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    goodbye won.....

    bye bye evil WON
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    Turkey and Gravy with a sideorder of Buttered Toast.

    ahaha nice guys buttered toast gravey reminds me of ed from ed, edd, eddy
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    Should I switch?

    i personal like both of them you pick
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    very nice job i like it alot that collar just makes it look kinda funky but none the less is very nice
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    A big "Kamehameha" to Beam Spam: Detailed Idea Inside

    thats not really beam spam i mean if your pl is like and your fireing yellow attacks and such then thats beam spam beam spamming if just standing of in a corner firing any biga** beam at ppl personaly i dont like the idea no offense kinda makes it sound like your trying to slow it down a little more
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    Cats Or Dogs

    dogs are the shiz man i have two little dogs yorkie and a mini shounzeier (no clue how to spell that) they never shed i probally have to give them a bath maybe every month and a half no big deal and there very friendly expect when the yorkie whos name is snickers is crabby RUN FOR YOUR LIVES lol...
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    a reguest for a sig...

    saiga if its not to much trouble to ask could u make sorta a match ava.?? if u can i would be even more greatfull ;D ;D
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    Vegeta good ?

    i like the idea of the mini cells :laff: but i dont think that would be fair but yeah make vegeta good and add some more baddies to the game!!!
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    Want Adv. Melee to be Harder? I got you covered...

    i like that a lot makes the game more challengeing cause ive been in games where i almost never got hit in adv. melee cause it was so easy to push the buttons i vote yes
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    New sig

    yah gotta have red man vash isnt vash with out red but other then that i like
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    yours is very nice he looks really cool when he has that blue outfit out
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    Frieza's Transformation

    i really like that idea in esf he just kinda swirls and the armor just suddenly grows with his body :laff:
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    been out since may 29th
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    a reguest for a sig...

    thanks i like!!
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    a reguest for a sig...

    if anyone could help me out here i would like a sig with an archer sorta person in it if anyone can help me i would be very happy