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    Trunks- Drawn in class

    yeah sorry. I think yours is great work, without having something to draw after
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    Trunks- Drawn in class

    I still like it though. The arms and the legs are in perfekt size.
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    Trunks- Drawn in class

    yeah yeah.. i'll remember that next time...
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    Trunks- Drawn in class

    I like the idea with the splitting "normal/super saiyan" "@Bile - Like you, I think that the shoulders are too wide." Still, I seem to see a lack of muscles and armlength The sword is too short. Here's how I would make it: comment?
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    Anbu Itachi!

    damn fine skinning
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    Goku Almighty

    I only have ONE thing to say: Fantastic!
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    Shikamaru [WIP]

    I must agree with "X" on that one. Looks like a kid.
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    Beta 1.2.2/1.2.3: RELEASED

    I love bugs, ... you know, they have feelings too! =D Mwaha
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    Nicely done. bravo! Godhand's work was a good laugh =D Brilliant humour
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    Cammy Sig Request...

    Why haven't I tried to make sigs and stuff like that?.... hmm, maybe I'm just lasy... Oh well :)
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    Site layout for my clan!

    I like this layout... Trunks, on the background ... perfect! :)!
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    marios goku

    TryForce - It was a compliment, not a complaint :)
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    marios goku

    looks more human-like than manga-like? :P
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    Happy 21st Mastasurf!

    Congratulations! Live long and prosper :)
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    First Sig try

    I think that its good for a first try :)