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    Hi all

    Meh, I registered in 2002, crap :(
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    ESF 1.2.3 Legacy Tournament - Are you the best?

    @Reckless @><((('> You can join the tournament as reserves, if you want to. Currently, quite a few people aren't even being active on the tournament times.
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    ECX or FCX on dedicated server ?

    The only thing I can think of is that amxx is not being loaded or the plugins are not loaded. Have you checked first if amxx works server side?
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    ECX or FCX on dedicated server ?

    Those are add-ons though. Once installed on the server, it should be "used" instantly. What issues do you have?
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    ESF 1.2.3 Legacy Tournament - Are you the best?

    Do you think you are the best ESF 1.2.3 player out there? This is your chance to prove it! Join the Legacy Tournament today and win awesome prizes! UPDATE - applications are now closed. More info soon. Get the chance to have your very own statue in the City map of ESF Final! Get the game you...
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    how to play?

    Moved as this isn't exactly a private matter. As for your issue. What do you define as "how can I play"? How to "play" the game (control wise, etc) or how to play (launch) it once it is installed? You need to own Half-Life (on steam) -> if you...
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    Sounds for BFP, don't shoot me

    Not exactly quite true, as such I'd like to add some additional info to that. It is true a lot (if not most) sounds were taken from DB(Z) franchise. But there are some sounds that may have been custom made specifically for ESF. Which sounds (effects) they are, I don't know. But in usage of...
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    Why there is someone deleting my threads, i don't understand!

    Just as the delete reasons shows you. You posted an entire link regarding it, and what you are suggesting is just not supported by us. By our standards, you need Half-Life 1 for ESF. Nothing else.
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    That's pretty impressive. Intend to sell it on steam or Free to Play?
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    Star Citizen

    The game really seems to be huge at this point. Would really love to play it, but I just feel that I would lack the time to do so. How much/long do you play it on a monthly basis?
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    ESF release?

    Bigger maps, so plenty of play ground. But the max players a server can hold is still 32.
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    Just wanted to make sure all people who request for help owns Half-Life on steam, that's all :)
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    @Tougrau Do you use Half-Life on steam?
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    Port forwarding guide for ESF?

    @Daz_Falco You replied to a thread with the latest post being from 2006. Safe to say in those many years, the sites were shut down. For port information, you can use sites like : -
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    Help running at 1080p, 1440p, or 4k

    @hleV He most likely is not using steam version but a way older pirated HL version that does not support such widescreen resolution options.