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    Question about ECX RC2

    @darthigor According to @Grega at CCI is part of ECX RC2, though not really sure what it actually stands for though, maybe someone else can answer that for you. As for the bots code, what do you mean? You mean the bot code that is...
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    How to turn into kid goku?

    @Grandvichy Way to bump up a thread from 2009 ;)
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    Like many many many and many other people. Get in line? Not sure why you even made this thread O_o
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    Nothing new

    ^ Drag & drop @Sting
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    Duel Mod

    Does anyone happen to know where I can download this and or has a copy of it on their hdd? Spunky appears to be unreachable at the moment, so hopefully someone can assist me with this.
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    Nothing new

    Shouldn't that already be possible? I know copy and paste is possible, never tried dragging before.
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    [Guide] How to play the Dragonball Online MMO!

    @macdaddymario I assume you no longer play this game? We did some time ago, wondering if my account is still up and running.
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    Nothing new

    Most updates are either shown on discord or the forums. Websites usually only displays larger updates rather than pics alone
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    @Supernaut The censor was actually done by me of which by the way is automated. So don't assume things. And easy to talk? You are the one that joins the forums and make a forum thread with such an outburst, what do you expect? Wow, did you forget already? Let me remind you: The Dev team...
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    2019 first post! THIS GAME IS DEAD. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? D.E.A.D.!

    @Supernaut Geh, maybe it's because they get paid for it. Unlike ESF. I love how small minded people can be. So cocky, yet have no clue.
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    Star Citizen

    I fully understand in backing a game, but even paying over 1K for a game is a bit overkill in my opinion. If by any chance the game fails in the end, or dies for some reason you'll lost all your investments. Besides, any game with such a high payment requirements just for getting those ships is...
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    Star Citizen

    That's a very nice collection, but why on earth would you almost pay 3k for such game?
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    Star Citizen

    How much did you actually pay for the game? :o
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Linux

    @hleV You might want to include the step "login anonymous" before using the install command. PS. Followed the instructions, server booted up fine but I started with a gun.
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    Star Citizen

    So you can't build your own later on in the game? And buying them (I assume in-game currency) is only partly implemented? Sounds like the game isn't really close for release then. Refuse to pay a lot of money just for the sake of founder ships.