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    Port forwarding guide for ESF?

    @Daz_Falco You replied to a thread with the latest post being from 2006. Safe to say in those many years, the sites were shut down. For port information, you can use sites like : -
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    Help running at 1080p, 1440p, or 4k

    @hleV He most likely is not using steam version but a way older pirated HL version that does not support such widescreen resolution options.
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    I think messed up something. :(

    Why don't you reinstall and then uninstall?
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    I think messed up something. :(

    I'm a bit confused at this though. I manually removed ESF tons of times, and was able to use the installer again just fine.
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    Theres is what i can help!

    Bot system, struggle system (specific features), and a lot of bug fixes :p.
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    Yes.. We are still alive!

    On new trailers, we depend on Dalte .. ^_^, so I suggest asking him about it :D
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    Star Citizen

    Checked out some gameplay videos online regarding the update, and it looks pretty sweet. Almost keen to actually grab the game myself eventually. But I'd say the game will take up a lot of your time to actually get somewhere, ain't it.
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    Forum can't found my Half-Life

    @Vidmantaskun You linked your forum account with steam, not half-life. Though, the current half-life verification system is broken so you couldn't do it either way for the time being. Hopefully, will be resolved soon.
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    There you go, snow! :P

    There you go, snow! :P
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    Forum can't found my Half-Life

    I'll have a looksy tomorrow to see what's up.
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    Forum can't found my Half-Life

    @Vidmantaskun Did you recently make your game list public? If so, might take a bit for it to be refreshed in cache.
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    ESF Installer not working.

    ^ Just so we know you are really using steam and bought a copy of HL ;)
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    ESF Installer not working.

    That's, useful information as how you fixed it :p
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    ESF Installer not working.

    I tried multiple times a few weeks ago and the OK button magically appeared for me. The only thing that I can think of is that somehow when you run the installer it's not properly finding your HL directory accordingly which you already knew. Mind "connecting" your steam account and doing a HL...
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    ESF Installer not working.

    Did you also try to remove half-life entirely (manually removing the directory if needed), re-install it, launch the game and launched the installer again?