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    Small error with Piccolo

    hit the 2 button twice. it'll show up then
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    Masenko (Sp?) And Ascending.

    I think you can do the transform while swooping thing right now. you just have to have a high enough PL so you transform without any effects. I'm not so sure about doing it during a PS.. haven't tried it.
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    And I said...BUILD ME A HOUSE! <large pics>

    Tepus said that there have been many generic beam spiral posts. You say you have delayed registering in the forums and have been a lurker until recently. So you should know that what Tepus said is true and that the reactions to said posts have been to close them. He said what is true and...
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    New Sig, need some opinions

    OK, I'm adding (and eliminating) some stuff with the NS Sig. I'll put in an updated version once I'm done. EDIT: OK here is an updated version. There are some minor things I have to fix like stray pixels I failed to erase and a messed up border in some places, but that's the jist of it...
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    New Sig, need some opinions

    I got the pics from the NS website. Next sig i make, I'll get some ingame shots.
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    New Sig, need some opinions

    My bad. I need a new sig host. I bet you can't see my curret sig either. If you can get me one that doesn't charge money, then that'd be cool.
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    New Sig, need some opinions

    This is only my second sig, so be gentle. :p EDIT: Got it uploaded to a different place. should I keep my current one or change it to this one?
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    Villains (READ B4 U VOTE)

    Just DBZ, not DBZ movies. that's all they are doing.
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    Tien Model...eventually for ESF

    i like it. the waist is a bit iffy though.
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    Putting Tien and having Multi form.

    If you're gonna add that many bad guys, you should at least include Tien. Maybe Yamcha or someone to balance it out. What would be really funny to do is put in Chiaotzu. Not that I'm serious, but it'd be funny.
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    I have this great idea

    :S i don't think you'll guess mine... it's SkulkMaster
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    Hello can you guys help me...

    Try not to double post... anyways, that skin edit is ok, the blood needs work. a few more tears (but not too many) would be cool too
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    The thing below your name.

    Go to your User CP and you should be able to edit the thing.
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    wall jumping

    it's a good idea.... i bet they're gonna put it in beta 2 or for the next patch.
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    Putting Tien and having Multi form.

    why not add raditz then? since he is goku's brother, he does have the possibility of going SSJ, maybe even SSJ2. i dunno about the attacks, though.