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    Supernova sprite

    It's just the animation frame, I'll post more screens soon
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    Supernova sprite

    Yeah, their similliar
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    Supernova sprite

    nope, 100% New
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    Supernova sprite

    Here's Cooler's supernova attack sprite: Crits and comments are welcome:)
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    Rate the Avatar, Signature, and Title above you!

    Title: I like hoew chaos sounds:P 7/10 Signature: Ipressive! 9/10 Avatar: Well, it's a nothing:D 0/10
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    esf forum members of 2005

    Nice, I'm in, thnx
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    esf forum members of 2005

    Please add me and make me look like Jin Kazama: Here's a face close up:
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    esf forum members of 2005

    Hey, can u add me?:O
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    Rate the Avatar above you, Part whatever!

    Mario dancer O.o 9/10
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    Rate the title above you ... AGAIN!

    Hu staul mai kukies O.o 7/10
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    The New Vegeta model is cool
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    Encore, do you mean this Kame charge? Dunno if Ican but I can try
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    I know logan, thats the old sprite :laff: Wait till you see the new one :laff:
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    about eea

    can someone post pics?
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    PLUGIN: Giji Super Saiyan

    Hmmm, I don't really like Giji SSJ, but this plugin is cool :D