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    I cant be goten

    ummmm, with one keybord how do you fight with 2 people when they make a gotenks he will be 1, and have starndard transformations (i hope), i don't want to mess around with controling 2 people, and having to finish a battle in 10 mins, then have to run around so i am not killed for 3, just not cool
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    The beams are fine, remember this is the first beta.... What i don't like about them is the fact that you can win a beam battle, but if your opponet's beam hits the ground first, he gets all the kills which sometimes leads to 4 or 5 of them and he gains all the energy from the kills. Thats the...
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    ahh thx didn't understand that
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    Don't change Blocking: I found a way around the annoying Block Spammers

    I love the block and use it, but it would be fun if there would be a power struggle. This has probobly been said a lot so i won't say anything. And is there anyway to kill somone with gohans shield up. Thats indestructable
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    Does anyone ever not loose energy when dieing. Everyone tells me that you loose none but i have 1 mil when i spawn (good for me) then when i die from an overcharged beam i come back with 800k. Can somone tell me the FACT behind this ihave heard 6 different things that you gain if you die in...
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    Changing charactes

    k, thanx knew all that and just realized that i spelled characters wrong on topic ;D mabey they should make it *hint hint* possable to change character without loosing all your hard work. and my little trick doesn't work anymore, wonder if it was a bug
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    Changing charactes

    Is ther anyway to change characters during teamplay, i know a way to change in ffa (not telling so it isn't removed) durring teamplay i usually play goku, then a gohan comes in and uses that shield thing. I know that iff i expload a ball outside the shield he takes dammage, but i like to use...
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    how to ? ( plz help :p)

    Somone plz tell me weather or not you loose ki if you die in ssj mode, and if there is a certan way to fight (melle, beam attacks) that give you ki faster than running in and stealing kills ;D And one more thing, with the 2nd transformation, can you ascend while in ssj, or do you have to...