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    esf Gohan

    yeah, much better with just black spandex and and green suit
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    y doesnt goku have spirit bomb when ssj

    exactly 100% true, all u need to know
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    turbo script

    couldn't have said it better
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    I never use krillin, but they shouldnt swap him for goten...nor even put goten in. perhaps gotenks would be a good addition? just a thought...all about opinions though so i doubt we'd ever agree.
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    Good servers

    gamespy everytime i try to reload all of the servers...."low on virtual memory" which is bull**** b/c theres no way i could be.
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    Hi!I'm new. Just a few Q's on bfp and esf

    yeha...just like i did
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    Good servers

    u got IP's for these servers?
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    hehe...i can testify. over the past few sessions ive noticed a large up in skill and understanding of how to win in ESF. it definitely takes time and effort.
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    Good servers

    Anybody have some good servers to suggest to play on?
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    Melee is frustrating...

    I suck at melee...any tips?
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    finally installed, now it wont load

    extracted/installed like so: c:\sierre\half-life\esf ill try the other one
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    finally installed, now it wont load

    so yeah, finally installed but now i cant load the program. as seen, ive placed a shortcut of dbz/esf (the game file) on my desktop and double clicked to load. however, the "choose program" thing loads instead of esf. either i did something wrong and forgot to download something or i just...
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    problems installing

    mucho thanks man
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    problems installing

    waited 5 minutes two times, each time it froze and after 5 tries, the install file wouldnt even load.
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    problems installing

    well, to be more specific, the program freezes in the process of installing the file. i downloaded fine, just having problems installing. no error popped up, just froze and had to do ctrl+alt+delete