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    Scouter idea

    I found a bag of senzu beans half lodged in the map wall once in geoarena. ...And never again.
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    Plus to being Non-Super saiyan

    I feel like the only person on here that puts game balance before how accurate it is to the cartoon.
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    Alternate fire suggestion for beams

    Yes, I just now switched out of software mode. Played a 7 bot FFA and actually ascended Vegeta without crashing. I noticed the beams detonate at will... ehn.
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    Alternate fire suggestion for beams

    Despite the effort it takes to find a creative suggestion for this great mod when I can't play for over 40 seconds without HL crashing, I thought of an easy to implement modification to the guided beam-type attacks. After firing a beam at one of my lan bots, and ending the quick ritualistic...