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    uhhh.. i guess i haven't been to this place is a looooong time but.. i'm back now i'm pretty sure nobody knows me o_o righto..
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    try it in a different video mode :rolleyes:
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    What did u think?

    can i ask why you bumped a thread that is over 5 months old?
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    more ideas for trunks.. idea..

    yes.. but i think we are going off of the topic.:notice:
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    Happy New Year

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    more ideas for trunks.. idea..

    yes i am a girl :)
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    more ideas for trunks.. idea..

    This Is a bit crazy since he only has.. 4 attacks but once you add his sword(or if you do) you could make that like a special weapon attacks Ex, Trunks takes out his sword and presses the #2 on the keypad to do a slash attack. maybe like.. for an ultimate attack do the sword attack he did to...
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    Watz up wit ESF_MID?

    "When it's done"
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    sensu beans are going to be removed from esf, i was playing with mastasurf and i used a sensu bean he said not to use them seeing as how they are not going to be in the other betas/versoins thats why there are only sensu beans on one level.
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    Are there going to be any model changes?

    piccolo is ok, just needs a cape and a hat :)
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    whos the best?

    goku is the strongest.....
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    DB show

    the whole series ends i think, when gokus fuses with sheron(the dragon) and don't say that is bs i've seen the clip :)
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    Are there going to be any model changes?

    of course there going to be, what do you think that in the future they make will be no new models? :]
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    The Green SuperSaiyan

    it looks ok.. but :no:
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    the source of esf