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    Total War: Shogun 2

    Great game indeed, just really really sad that all mp modes bigger than 1v1 are totally bugged and basically unplayable.
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    Most epic Lego creation, ever?

    Pah, this is just a bunch of fancy gears stuck on 2 dials. Epic lego creation? this :
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    Forget ESF_Ice_Wasteland...

    Global warming? more like global ice age. haha
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    Awesome/Awkward laws!

    This thread is now about : "Force Cuc to revert his namechange" go!
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    Awesome/Awkward laws!

    I remember that law that dictated how curved cucumbers should be to be sold on the eu market.
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    Take this, Department of Justice

    Any summary of what was in the original link apart from potential warez?
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    Mr. Stupid and his PS3.

    Forum bug most likely, making old posts seem new.
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    Immortality is within our grasps.(Or at least massively slow down aging)

    Interesting read, but I don't really think this discovery alone will boost our lifespan. Or at all. Basically what they did is create mice that age early (by knocking out their telomerase) and then showed that they regenerated when the telomerase was reactivated again. The telomerase switch they...
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    Epic football play.

    I demand that American football be called eggball now!
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    Steam - Give & Get sales

    aww you can't add dev packs to your list :(((
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    Codemasters to sell half of game, other half DLC.

    I don't mind DLC when it's done the way DLC is meant to be, additional content that adds to the game and is no enough to be a stand alone expansion. What sickens me is a game release and with the game 3 DLC packs are released. Esp if it's a full price game.
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    Call 4 chan, we've got another one...

    Looks less like simple animal cruelty but rather like some weird fetish to me. It's still very very sick
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    Sucker Punch

    Epic fail. Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    So what do you do for a living?

    3rd semester of biology, work in event management in my free time (mostly roadie work)