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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    Oh sorry. In short, the reason the side view looked like it was so off was because I took a screenshot of the exported model in the game engine, and it wasn't EXACTLY side-on, so the features looked screwy. I know it's still loaded with problems, but I had to figure out why the model didn't...
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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    Oh my god, I can't believe this... I feel like such a freaking DOLT, and worse, I don't know how it occurred. So I went back to the Maya file I had just after I finished the texture originally, just the bust basically. Stripped it down, set up the image overlay you made to directly reference...
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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    Wow, I really appreciate the prompt, on-point responses, this is the kind of kick in the junk I need. The eyes were flat because of how I saw the HL2 characters handled in Source. Their eyes aren't spheres, but attached flat meshes, and since Source's eye shader works a specific way I didn't...
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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    Ooh, now THAT's the sort of critique I was hoping to see! Seriously, looking back and forth between the model and references was driving me nuts... Oh, no no, that's what I was saying; I GOT Source's phoneme-system to work with the model! It's fully functional, even tested in GMod to ensure it...
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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    Bring the eyes "in"? Might need clarification. And flatten what part? The side view is taken straight from a photograph, and honestly I think it's where the likeness is best.
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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    I've been at the tail end of some mod-work for the Source engine, adapting content based on the "Tremors" movie and TV series, and I've reached the point where I'm done with the movie monsters and decided to try my hand at creating one of the series' flagship human characters. Burt Gummer...
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    Next Xbox will feature Blu-Ray and Anti-Used games feature.

    Well, while I don't think piracy is hurting content developers more than, say, not bothering to COMPETE with piracy, Gamestop does make their mint on selling used games for 100% profit, which is money the developers never see. While I agree, if you support makers of great games and want to see...
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    Dragonball Z Animation Exercise

    Some of the gestures were a bit odd at times, but there's no doubt that they were totally DBZ gestures. At any rate, good animation, and a surprisingly nice aura effect to compliment it... So yeah, sweet :)
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    Happy birthday J-Dude

    Lol, thanks for the thread! Also, you guys can be more random than anything I tend to see... it's awesome, but still
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    What are the Goals of Occupy Wall Street?

    John Huntsman is the most moderate of the bunch and the least crazy, but he's got no chance in Hell. Mitt Romney is a more likely win, and a bit less dangerous given his position shifts with the wind. Michelle Bachmaan is a creepy as Hell uber-Christian who claims to have been asked by the...
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    What are the Goals of Occupy Wall Street?

    Politics and economics have always baffled me, and while I've gathered both through principal and the quality of the arguments I see that the Liberal side of things is the way to go, or at least, ANYTHING not associated with the religious right, I find it almost impossible to defend myself. My...
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    Why do we even bother?

    Hey, consider this man; Transhumanism might just be a few decades off. Keep it together till then, and you might become part of the first generation with the capacity to survive hundreds or even thousands of years! In any case, enjoy life as fully as you can. It's all only temporary, and it IS...
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    Perfect Cell - Cel Shade

    What the ****, EPIC thread necro! DBZHOOD, man, those are some older memories...
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    Crysis 2

    My first impression on the initial runthrough was that Crysis 2 lacked much variation in gameplay or even in battles, with a story that left something to be desired for fans of the original hoping to run into Nomad or Psycho and understand what happened back on Lingshan. On replay though, I'm...
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    AT&T to impose bandwidth cap.

    Even as the Internet addict that I am, I can't imagine using up 250 gigs of bandwidth, but I am aware that this is a matter of long-term understanding and principal. It's like with everything else, give 'em an inch and eventually they'll take a mile. Might take a year, might take ten, might...