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    Psyco Buu

    damn nice model smo ! now if i could only see the pic :\
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    N64 Roms

    lo , i didnt know where else i could ask this.. but doesnt anyone know where i can get N64 Roms ? if been searchin' on google etc.. but didnt find a good site ;\ greetz
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    EvM Progrees tread#2

    can't see the pic.. btw whats the site of EVM ?
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    Beta 1.1 Model Edits

    the link isnt workin'...
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    WHAM BAM! thank you Smo

    hey mr smo, i have a question... that SSJ and SSJ3 goku thats on RS couldnt you make that goku non-ssj.. cuz i thinks its weird to start playin' with already an SSJ goku.. greetz
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    Little Prob With 1.1..

    so i just have to let it do it for like 5 mins or so ? without any prog in the background running ?.. *edit : ok it worked.. but can some1 tell me where you can get that fix for trunks ?
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    Little Prob With 1.1..

    a while ?.. no..when i click on it you see that its stuck.. btw yes i already tryd it with the FULL installation.. its the same :|
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    Little Prob With 1.1..

    always when i try to install 1.1 the installation gets stuck.. 'Checking for previously installed components...' and it stops there.. i also tryd the update patch but its the same prob :\..
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    Beta 1.1

    how come i cant DL 1.1 ? are the links already down.. :s
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    Final Flash (yes, I'm bored)

    i think that the electric ( soz my english is so ****in' bad :p ) is a little.. weird ? make it like that SSJ2 Aura that came out something like that ? or cant that be done :p
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    RedSaiyan ?..

    Is redsaiyan down or something ? everytime i try to go to it my internet get stuck or something dunno.. :\
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    Black Suit Gohan RESKIN!!!

    idd link doesnt work..
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    Powering Up Goku

    i cant see the pic :\
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    Brolly Conversion

    link is down fs.. and yes i did copy and paste..
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    whats the use of a scare on his face ? in-game you cant even see the scare so :\