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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    Well you probably reuse most of the animations for the ascended forms right, especially since the bones are pretty much the same, except the hair? Still impressive though
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    Hlev don't be so butt hurt if you never could do them :D This isn't a discussion about ceiling hits.
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    My world of 2D and 3D art

    @CoreAlex: Who knows... women understand women and they hate each other :D I try not to give too much thought and such stuff Well time to post some new stuff again. I recently got offered a job to model a 3D bird mascot and I'm also going to need to rig the model and make a short animation of...
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    My world of 2D and 3D art

    Pretty much yeah and I also didn't design the icons (too much work). Still waiting on the reply from the client.
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    My world of 2D and 3D art

    Thx man :) I plan on doing a lot more of these, just have to get my new GPU first so the renders go faster :) In the mean time here is something 2D I'm working on atm for a client. It's basically a socks e-commerce website. Currently still in progress of finishing up the homepage. If you guys...
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    My world of 2D and 3D art

    I recently tried out Blender with it's cycles rendering engine. I must say I am really happy with the final results. Especially if you think Blender is free software and I'm getting way more realistic final results in my opinion. The UI in Blender is kinda horrible, especially for new people...
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    ESF Tournament 2014

    Gosh I have no idea who will win this... *cought* Divine *cought*
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    Android 16 Wip tips

    Looks pretty much spot on to me so far...
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    route to the great blue

    I'm impressed, looks like you're devoting a lot of your time into this ;)
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    Korin's Tower

    Looks spot on RobiZ. The ammount of detail and work you're putting into this is ridicilous. Got any new shots of the whole thing we could see?
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    route to the great blue

    I really like where this is going so far. Looks like many talented people are working on this project ;)
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    YouTube intro request?

    The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get the best introduction would probably be to download a trial version of a program called Adobe After Effects. After you installed it you can do a google search for "free after effects intro" or something similar. Then you just modify it to your liking...
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    Going on vacation!

    I love to watch tv series on vacation myself :D Breaking Bad Dexter Game of thrones Seinfeld You probably watched most of these, but you said to encourage re-watching :P Btw where in Croatia are you going? I'm from Slovenia myself:cool:
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    All my recent stuff

    gesh Lukyas sometimes you say such stupid things. Who cares if he used the same render... anyway Barney nice stuff they could all use abit more effects tough, kinda dull atm:)
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    Jinx's Modeling Thread.

    i told him a milion times to show wires when posting/showing people stuff, guess he will never learn...