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    Can we talk about melee and generic projectiles 'synergy'?

    I was reading something about stracraft remastered the other day, and how the author pointed out that starcraft's success was boosted by its imperfections, be it the ability to only select 12 units at a time, the quirky pathfinding and numerous exploits. This made the game in itself fun and...
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    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    I say leave as close to 1.2.3 as possible. Maybe tweak a few things, like Hlev says. Some big attacks like spirit bomb should behave like a beam. Gen Beam balls should be left alone. Far stronger gen balls should blast through others. Gen balls equal or near equal in power could collide and...
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    Exploding Beam Struggle

    Wow, can't remember last time I posted. Feels like going back in time to my mid 20's. Anyways, while watching Goku vs Golden Frieza I noticed beam struggles that aren't going anywhere seem to explode. How about adding this feature to slow beam struggles? I don't know how it works in...
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    Galick gun

    Adding another attack to a character involves more work hours. Animating and scripting is a time consuming process. DT (the animator) already has a pretty big workload, and personally I would like to play ESF 1.3 in this lifetime.
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    That's awesome news DT :)
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    I remember reading somewhere that ESF Final was making slow but steady progress in the animation department. How's that coming along?
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    [New Mod] Damaera's Special Forces

    This is so retarded. These forums have really gone to hell. Close this thread, jesus.
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    How many modellers do you guys want to complete your final game?

    Ramunas, being hostile about it won't help. I was merely providing a solution because it seems the Devs are waiting for someone highly commited to just "drop by". I think rather than announce a necessity, actively looking for someone to add to the team is the way to go. Anyways, thank you for...
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    How many modellers do you guys want to complete your final game?

    ESF devs, Have you tried asking around in Moddb? If you narrow your search and focus only on people with a notable portfolio, won't take long to find some good assets. The focus hast to be mainly on people that have worked on mods that are popular and have actually been released. Anyways, I...
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    Why not adding classic characters like Yamcha and Tien!?

    Tien would be an interesting character to add to the roster, but just like yamcha his relevance in DBZ is null. (He held back Cell, what a badass... lol). I can't remember if Ginyu was in 1.2.3, but to me he seems like another pointless character. It just boils down to a matter of preference and...
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    DB Multiverse and Cellkai

    I don't know if you guys know about this but there's a very good DBZ online comic book called DB Multiverse. I've been following it for a long time now. Aaaaaand there's also one about Cell taking over the universe. This one is in...
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    [Old PotW] In the meantime last updated 5/13/15

    How about a short gif teaser for us ?
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    ESF Final Custom Models / Costumes

    Toriyama stated (probably most overused two-word combination ever) that the new stories take place after the Buu saga, so they will be considered canon. The characters in the game are all old school DBZ though. Any transformations that exist in spinoffs and movies will probably not be included.
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    A beam struggle question

    Once they connect they can bend and curve, I was talking about beams that are flying about. Gen beams could have this particular quality to them, as in firing them in a straight-as-possible angle would make them PS. It would look cool, in my opinion, if gen beams in general just collided with...
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    A beam struggle question

    Why not just have gen beams explode if they hit each other at a funny angle? Code it so that it will detect the curvature of the beam, say a threshold of 90 degrees. Once past that the beam will not connect and will just blow up.