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    Morrowind and it's expansion

    its a very cool game, and easy to edit aswell (look at me iam making an morrowind mod:D )
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    Wot 2 do??

    wait a sec all, if ur willing to spend 800$ then why dont u get a 3d card of 500$ and a dvd burner of 300$ (it holland they cost around 300$ i think its the same in the us)
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    Sorry for being impacient

    Sorry for being impacient, but that GMT release time, is it gonna be in teh early hours of wednesday or in the early hours of thursday. if its answer 1 does that mean that the earliest (not first) release is gonna be in GMT? txh for ur time
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    wednesday time of release

    just a second i have heard this in a lotta topics but it hasnt been answered: 1. GMT, is the release on the 2/24 of wednesday or on 2/24 of thursday (hour/amount of hours) hope its clear 2. is it going to be released at the time of the party or a few hours after? just curious
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    Switch Class Question

    yes i know, but didnt you notice that in beta the pl meter is gone?! so is the maximum amount of ki u can have the same as your PL or is your ki your pl?
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    Question About Release Party

    what work do u do? doesnt matter actually, just check in the morning if beta is released and if not just go to work, and if so just stay at home playing beta:D
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    Question About Release Party

    yeah, and that iam a school hater, i just figured its a good reason not to go to school, i believe that dudeman is staying home aswell:p
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    WTF!? why does greg has such a high post count? and how do you manipulate or duplicate your postcount (not using though, just wanna know)
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    Switch Class Question

    hi, i didnt wanna make a whole new topic about this so ill just ask it here, how much pl do u lose when you die? and whats the exact difference between KI and PL in the beta?
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    Question About Release Party

    hi, i live right next to the GMT zone, will the beta be released before (i know the party starts at 2 am) about 7am GMT? just curious because if so i will skip school in order to play ESF beta 1 all day long:p
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    darkrtooth new beta pics... weird... it me or are you just plain dumb. thats you what you see in HL maps
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    prophecy of march 8th 2003

    check that site again and uw ill see its complete fake:D
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    prophecy of march 8th 2003

    one easy answer, see if any games, movies and even TV shows are being released on 8th of march 2003, because its probably another sad publicity stunt like the blair witch project........
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    New dbz series caled dbz after future

    ..hmm...........funny that people still believe in DBAF
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    Happy birthday, and tomorrow morning when you wake up ill be happy to jam a knife down your throut while standing by your bed!:D