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    What Do These Advanced Menu Commands Do?

    Oh ok, thanx a lot man :D! [EDIT] Oh yeah, if I change it while the game is open, do I have to restart my game?
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    What Do These Advanced Menu Commands Do?

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    What Do These Advanced Menu Commands Do? Somebody please tell me what 24-bit textures (OpenGL only), FX Quality, and 3d particle system rocks does, and if you change one of them during the game, does it automatically make the change, or do you have to restart your game? Also, I know what 24-bit...
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    just to make sure

    Um, I don't understand what you're trying to say...if you mean do you need to install Half-Life to play ESF v1.2 then no, not from the CD, but you NEED to install it with Steam and play for at least 1 minute. If you wanna play with WON then YES you need to install Half-Life from the CD and...
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    It's already in use...did you by any chance give it to somebody?
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    Brolli in DBGT?

    Well, since we're on topic of DBGT, would anyone mind explaining to me from the point where Goku absorbed the Dragon Balls in episode 63 to the end of episode 64? It's so confusing! LOL :laff:
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    Brolli in DBGT?

    Me and my friend are having an argument. I say Brolli isn't in DBGT, he says yes. I've seen all of DBGT, he hasn't seen any, yet hes trying to argue with me LOL. So just so he can know the truth, is Brolli in DBGT?
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    The Trippy Humand Mind (THIS IS A MUST READ!!!)

    Oh don't I feel stupid LOL. I didn't know that post because I don't come here often.
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    The Trippy Humand Mind (THIS IS A MUST READ!!!)

    You konw it deosnt raelly mttaer in waht odrer the lteters are in a wrod bacusee all the hmuan mnid raelly lokos at is the frist and lsat lteter of a wrod. Aomswee huh?
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    Now You Can Post Images From Free Hosting Services!

    Also, I use as my hotlink host :D.
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    Some sigs for really good free fonts.
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    Three Banners

    Added one more banner. Now tell me which.
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    Three Banners

    LOL, WOW! So many blues! OK, I'll make the first one blue. And it's not neccessarily hue and saturation, for the middle one I made a new layer and filled it with red :D. I bet you thought the middle one was hue too LOL.
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    Three Banners

    Four Banners Which of these four banners is your favorite? Sorry they're so big in file size, I just kept them in full quality. So just tell me which is your favorite, why, and what it needs to improve it. thanx [EDIT] Found an extra banner making it four :D.
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    Do you smoke cigars ?

    LOL, have you seen pictures of people with mouth cancer?