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    Zone Of Enders-- The Second Runner

    nope never played but i have played the first one and it was cool:laff:
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    ok but i did dl the patch the same thing would be in the 1.1 if i was to dl it>?
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    It doesn't matter anymore i updated to 1.1 and now it works, but thanks for your help anyways. Also i wanted to ask another question: Is it better to download 1.1 or get the upgraded patch?:scared:
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    Half Life 2

    Well if i had to wait a year just for HL2 i just stay with the one i got;)
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    Ok it started when i re-installed ESF.When i tried to go to create game it would go to the countdown screen. It never goes to the game. Could u tell me what the problem is?:(
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    can u see my sig?

    nope suggestion: don't have a sig or get another one
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    My first sig

    I did!!! how would you know
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    you may laugh, you may flame =P

    lol how did you do that and i hope you know i just sent that to President Bush and he is having you banned for life oh and i'm dead serious
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    teleporting WHAT is THE SECRET!!

    the real secret is knowing when to teleport in the first place, naw jk there is no real secret just knowing when to do it at the right time i guess
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    My first sig

    ok this is my first sig. No i did not make it for anybody who would love to ask. It was made by Glenn.Well anyways tell me how you like it
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    What do the Wishes do??

    Can u wish to transform because one time i was on Krillin team and he summoned the dragon when he wished he turn mystic or whatever,Super Monk
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    Hi Im steve-o from DBLB..

    Hi welcome to esf hope you have a good time here
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    What is the world is worldspawn

    i still don't get how i lose my pl because of this crap
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho

    i think it is a great idea maybe somebody could make it happenO_O
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    The Zelda Thread

    i love OoT and a Link to the past