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    Goku ssjgss and Vegeta ssjgss vs Frieza movie leak

    Hey guys. Found something you guys might want to see. As for the Vegeta fans, you'll get to see Vegeta beat the crap out of Frieza :heart: Goku and Vegeta vs Frieza: *Deleted* Movie footage: *Deleted* Cheers!
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    How's The Progress?

    Hey peepz, i've been lurking around, visiting this page a few times a month, and i'm just wondering.. Everything seems extremely quiet here. Is this a good sign that ur hurrying to finish the game, or a just sign that the development is going very slowly? What has happened lately in the...
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    New Years Trailer Is Up In A Few Hours

    We should stay on topic guys. I don't think it'll be long now before the trailer comes out now.
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    New Years Trailer Is Up In A Few Hours

    Yes, it will be up soon. Look at their latest status on Facebook.!/esforcescom?fref=ts
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    Live Action DBZ Trailer Released

    I just don't think DBZ is suited for being a real movie
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    Dragon Ball parodies

    You guys are probably gonna like this :3
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    Guys Don't Worry About the Trailer.

    I don't know if anyone on this planet has ever heard these words before but I think I should tell you a little about it. There some things in life that we call hobbies, personal interests and jobs. From what I know that's what the ESF team has, unlike many of the impatient people around here...
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    Light Or Dark Theme?

    Lolz, just noticed that there is a dark theme. But now that I know I would have to say the dark theme because it doesn't rape my eyes.
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    Lock System

    I smell aimbot potential
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    Can I become a Beta Tester?

    I'm getting this feeling that you like cats Gokuss :3 --- edit --- I'm getting this feeling that you like cats Gokuss :3
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    The Perfect Video

    Ops, forgot about that. My apologies
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    The Perfect Video

    Just throught that I should show you guys the best video that has ever been created by humanity :3
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    Breathing System

    Well as you guys say, making animation would take too much time so I was thinking about adding the sounds, and if not too time consuming then make their mouths move while they breathe. Just like at 4:35, but you should still be able to move around even though you're breathing...
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    Breathing System

    I just had this idea I want to suggest. When the characters have used a lot of energy or are damaged then what about implementing a breathing system so it'll look like they're tired or had a tough time. I believe it would give us a nice DBZ experience :)
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    What's Happening?

    It's so quiet now. There hasn't been said anything for weeks, what's happening?