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    right now i got a tipman 98 with a 14" boomstick 16 ounce c02 tank next week ima get a 32 degrees impulse with vision eye and a nitro tank :D
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    SSJ Adult Gohan?

    nice reskin... are u going to make a non ssj version?
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    Ragnarok Online Last day!

    ^_^ last day for ragnarok.. or is it tommorow... ^_^ ive seen tempus on the ro pak0 forums
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    Reskin of majin veg.
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    Chibi Trunks or Futured Trunks?

    i think cuz future trunks started training later then chibi trunks cuz vegeta was dead and since vegeta was alive, he was able to train with him before tournament
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    Japanese Music...

    ayumi hamasaki "evolution" is the best :) songs from vandread the anime are pretty good too
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    mystic gohan is during the fusion saga i think during battles with buu, and i dont think he can go ssj cuz i remember the kai tell him to go ssj after he was finished with the training thing(kai pointing his palms at gohan)... and instead of yellow aura he had white ;/
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    Look at my pl!!!

    the cf bar never goes full for some reason...
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    Buu 'S'

    ^^ i think their all silly lookin i like them all :D:talk: :] :yes:
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    Final Flash Glow

    ;/ what bout when gohan is ssj2 and he uses kama on cell? i think ur gettin mixed up with regular ki attacks
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    new animations really got to c!

    sorry my bad
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    new animations really got to c!

    *No warez talk . . . it's in the forum rules.* *;/* *Cucumba!*
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    new animations really got to c!

    wow, is that for half life, or quake 3 :D hopes half life
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    can someone explain ussj trunks for me?

    i thought he went ssj2 cuz his muscles got bigger hair got longer... just like goku when he goes ssj2 in hyperbolic time chamber.... and he says taht he didnt want to help vegeta fight cell because he didnt want to show him that he surpased him... then he see's why vegeta didnt transform because...
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    ESF Models

    NO! THE SOONER THE MOD COMES OUT THE BETTER :\ its good the way it is...