THREE. 3 seconds can seem lifetime.

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Apr 16, 2003
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Listen, this story is another one i made when i was bored. It's not as detailed as i wanted to make it, if at all, but if you guys like it, ill make a Detailed version. plus more.
3 Seconds can be a lifetime.

“I.D. Please” a Voice asked from behind a counter.
“Huh?” a Rugged voice replied “Oh, I’m sorry, Sometimes I lose myself in thought, See its bee-”-
“I.D. Please.”
The man started to shuffle through his wallet, “Ah, here it is, there you go.”
“Thank you, move on.”
The man started to walk further into a new train station about to board his train. He started to walk towards his station when he walked into a homeless man. The homeless man started to mumble.
“Three…….Three is all ill ever need, but will that be all you’ll need.” The crazed homeless man started to badger the man.
“What are you talking about old man?”
The homeless man started to walk circles around the man, eyeballing him ever step.
“Three…Three…..Three…” The old man began to repeat himself continuously . The younger man , tired of the ignorance, ignored it and walked off towards his train.
“Now Boarding, Train 333, Departure to Los Angeles - 5 minutes.” The conductor called.
The young man Started walking faster towards his train. Showed the Conductor his ticket and jumped on board. He walked on, finding himself a seat. Moments later a Young lady walked in and sat across from him. She began to read that paper. He continuously looked at her, when a lady came down the isle and asked if they wanted anything.. She replied a bag a nuts, and he replied a Water bottle. The lady walked away.
“So, you like nuts huh?” Nervously saying to make conversation.. She looked at him and looked back at the paper. The lady returned handing her, her peanuts and him his drink. Suddenly his mind went blank, and he saw white, with a blur of the beautiful women in the background moving around. He tried to touch the girl but the image only faded too her trying to open her peanut bag, spilling them everywhere. After, his mind came back to normal and noticed he was back to normal. Dazed and confused .
“Did you just spill a bag of-”
At the end of his sentence she ripped open the bag of peanuts spilling them everywhere.
“Is that your second time doing that?”
“No, that was my first.”
Then his mind went blank again, this time he looked around, not noticing anything until the train hit a bump on the railroad, and suitcase fell out of the top compartment hitting the floor and firing. Simultaneously hitting the girl.
His mind came back to normal again, this time taking action whether it was a false vision or not, he grabbed her. And pulled her out of her seat to the floor
“What are you doing?!?” she screamed.
Just then, the train shook, and the top compartment opened and a suitcase fell out hitting the ground and firing where her head would have been, shattering the window.
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Jan 6, 2002
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Erf, I was sure I posted here.. o_O

Please do continue! Interesting idea, I'd like to read more. :)
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Mar 20, 2004
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Yeah man, this is a nice start.

Seems familiar from somewhere though, cant recall where exactly.

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