The ESF Final is dead ?

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Nov 30, 2002
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what you said oh my god :laff: who is playing this old game esf 1.2.3 ? online you've lost your mind

The graphics are very old for this old game esf 1.2.3 almost no one is playing because is boring and old

About this new esf final you think it's the end for me or for other users hahahaha :laff: ? I guarantee someone will crack to work non steam [Will have the same fate as Microsoft free windows+free update+free key Without paying]

This is why it happens many times someone crack and the users uses it,any game is crack 2017 to work maybe online or lan game etc ^_^
You are utterly disrespectful.

First thing.. Do you have any idea how many pixel games there are out there which is actually quite popular? Compared to those, ESF looks a lot better. Why would QUALITY really matter? It's usually mostly about the gameplay. Take mine craft for example. Secondly... Geh, spending some money (5 dollars?) to buy HL to play this mod is SUCH a huge nightmare. Maybe we should completely stop developing ESF Final just so people like you can't play at all. can't "crack" something that's not released.

In all seriousness. Grow up kid.

It won't hurt to actually pay for something you really enjoy. Makes me wonder how you got yourself a computer/laptop or whatever to begin with. Guess you didn't pay for it... that's for sure.

Closing this btw.
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