Take the Fall series (my own writing)

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Jun 9, 2002
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since nothing was happening in the art section, ima just post them in here and see if theres any luck, despite that i could have sworn writing was an art form. anyway, its a 4 part series, ive got up to 3 out, 4 will be up soon.
hpoefull someone might take the time to read one or 2 parts and comment on them. thnx for at least stopping by.
Part I-
Part II-
Part III-

thier in sections for a reason, so you dont have to read it all at once :) so dont strain yourself too much XD. sorry about the links, thier too long for me to post here without scaring the life out of anyone that yould read it (almost 7 pgs for a 4 parts, around 1 or 2 pgs each)

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