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Oct 25, 2005
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I've figured out how the ESF team could throw in specials during a basic melee combo..

First of all ... in order to pull of a special.. your special bar meter needs to be full...

2nd of all.. in order to do the special you have to click both right and left click at the same time..

3rd: a player must be in range

4rth: the special only effects the person you last hit

Example.. My meter is full and i basic melee someone twice and have my melee weapon selected.. as there falling back i have to aim at them and click both left an right click... allowing me to do my ""melee Special"" since i have my melee weapon selected.. Then from there maybe a wave of energy can come out of my player.. This wave of energy could represent the range in wich i can do my special.. if the energy wave fades away before reaching the person you recently hit then special is canceled.. but if the person you hit last is in range then the special will take place.. maybe my character will auto maticly teleport infront of them an smack them around about.. The same thing about the range system would accur for beam specials ..

*ki blob specials* ( would be mostly used when someone is out of ki and hits the ground)
Similar to Vegeta's renzoku except this special doesn't create ki blobs so each hit does dmg and the attack last longer.

*Generic attack special*
accurs after a basic melee hit(and the person you hit last MUST BE IN Range). YOu do the special: A gen beam that doesn't explode when it hits it target but instead pushes them into a wall/floor then explodes causing dmg from the explosion and the player also takes dmg from slamming into the wall after the explosion..(the player doing the special has slight control of the beam while its pushing the player but cannot turn the beam completely around)

*Kameha/Big Bang/ect*
After a basic hit the player can use this special causing him to the person he recently hit(and is in range still) again but the hit knocks his opponent completely off balance an causes them to fly back.. *the person doing the speical auto-maticly begins to charge his kameha/big bang/ect ... The person who recovers automaticly at a specific distance that never changes, cant move an may either block.. or switch to his kahema/big bang/ect and beam back..

oh and most important The special bar works like the CF bar you must melee to fill it up

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Jun 24, 2004
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ive actually suggested something like this but as usual i was ignored

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