Rise & fall: Civilizations at War

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Jun 1, 2004
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Ok first off i was skeptical im sick of all these nation based RTS's just about as much as i am sick of these WWII games, however i downloaded this demo and omg it rules plain and simple.

The graphics, the sounds, the RTS basis its just great, also the ability to command your troops without a mouse what so ever is awesome, i am speaking of the Hero command mode, where you can slay units on the battelfield so long as your stamina holds out.

The only hero iv seen so far in the demo was cleopatra, but she is a nasty little vixen, i hated her voice acting, would of much rather had it in a foreign language but meh what ya gonna do?

Im in the chaos, directly on the battle field, the bright side to this is, you can take out those annoying archers in towers that your units disregard, and in the intro movie, they showed a gladiator scene i see big possibilities for this game, i hope to see you guys online in June!

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