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Aug 1, 2003
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:cry: :cry: Hey i have one heck of a problem. I played cs, dod and esf for a looooong time but a while ago hl starts to **** up everithing. So now to join a server is a real adventure, but thats not the main problem. Cause i played esf yesterday and i wan't to play it this day but than the game starts and i can choose sides and charecter but when in choosed them i can't move my (for example. Goku) cause it says:

Your system has been modified.
Please remove the modification
to play on this server.

So now its like, O_O WTF?!? O_O and the problem keeps continuing even in i reboot the pc its still there. So plzzzzzzz can someone help me, maybe the esf team?? :cry: :cry:

grtz. >>DeMoN<<

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