Need help remembering an online game portal


The site was mentioned something like 1 or 2 years ago, now I remembered about it and thought it would be cool to play those games, but I forgot the damn name!

It goes like this:
You go to the site, download some kind of client, after the download you then go to the same site, select a game category (for example DBZ), then select a game programmed by one of the players, you click on it, your client opens, downloads the files of the game an you play it online (graphical, 2d, no sounds, only midi music).

The site was posted here when there was a craze about those dbz games on the site (there were a lot of them in there, like 30 dbz games, but only 3 or 5 active).

There was something similar in all those DBZ games, speed bags, gravity rooms for training, urm well and other, I'll post it later, g2g to sleep (00:10 here, and I've got to be at school at 8:00, thank god the school is 5 minutes away)

Thanks in advance

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