NAt prob ( port forwarding )

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Apr 23, 2005
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I have recently had problems with port forwarding. I know how to forward ports myself since I did it so many friends untill now.
When I got mine ADSL, I went immedeately to port forward. Before I had skyDSL but the service is down atm, though everything worked there with port forwarding. Everything was fine except I didn't found mine computers IP adress. I thought it was weird, and I went to

They described same procedure, but in their procedure it showed that their router HAD mapped IP adress of that computer.
Since there was no IP adresses in mine list, I just went and wrote down MAC adress of the computer.

But main problem is.

Here is map of mine house network.

Mine computer gets dynamic IP adress by laptop.
I fixed it so it gets static 1. Now the static one in network mine pc - laptop is
Laptop got 2 IP adresses. The static one used for router ( ) and the one he uses with connection with mine computer ( ).

Basically, mine question is how to port forward on MINE computer. I have access to laptop since its mine, so if anything needs to be done on laptop I can do it. But how to set port forwarding on mine comp...

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