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Thats right. I think that the creators of ESF should make a Naruto mod as well. (even thought i have not played it =[....yet) You could play as one of the characters from the show OR create you own. you could choose you fighting style from a list and learn different Jitsus (from basic to advanced and maybe one or two "forbiden" jitsus) Also mybe you could create a character that is in one of the ninja clans form the show or start your own. One more cool feature could be Making your own jitsu. Once you make it you would have to have it checked out so that it is fair. It would be so much fun to create a character and use Rasengan on another player. What do think?
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Ah, this would first belong in suggestions, and secondly, I highly doubt the team will make a naruto mod. I'll close this, and if any of them want to elaborate, I think they'll have the option of posting even after I close.

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