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Aug 1, 2005
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Now those of you of might remember me, might remeber I wrote the start to a story called The Forgotten Soul (I still am wrting it at the moment but I'm more intrested to your reaction to this) and to be honest HERE was the only good place where I got good honest reviews, all my mates ether said it's not there thing, coudln't be bothered to read it or it's really good.

None of these helped me at all in trying to improve my writing but I was told here to not say as much in the start, as you seemed to know everything from the first few pages and after that you lost intrest, which is a bloody good point and I've thought about it and written the start to another book. So here are the first 2 chapters of my second book, which is called

Lonely Flower Of The West

What is the price of happiness? Is there an answer? None, as happiness is not earned but given. This isn’t a quote made by a famous person but a question countless men have fought and died trying to answer. In which case the next question is when happiness is given? Yet there is no answer to this question as no-one can truly tell when happiness will pass you by. My name is the Lonely Flower of the West and this is my tale, read and you may find the answer to a question you seek.

Alex was sitting on the side of a large hill, looking up at the night sky with a beer in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. Alex was a normal 16 year old, with the normal 16 year old problems. As if you’ve ever been 16 before you will know it’s always the same thing for 16 year olds, GIRLS. He had dark black short hair, brown eyes and was about 6 foot tall. He also wore light blue jeans with a dark short-sleeved t-shirt. Most of this is normal for a 16-year-old, Alex always wore a black chain around his neck that had a strange flower on the front that he had never seen before in real life. It seemed to be almost like a rose but it wasn’t red but it was black on half of one side and white on the other.

It was given to him as a child by his great granddad, who used to call him a wonderful flower who was about to blossom. Sorry to say he never got the chance to see him do so, as he passed away a few nights after. For that reason, Alex always wore it with him, it also made him feel peaceful inside.

The reason why Alex was on the side of a hill at nighttime was to relax after a hard days work at school, and to get away from his parents. The phone was there because he was waiting for his mother to call him up and tell him to come home.

Suddenly he heard it beeping, someone had sent him a text but he heisted and thought who would send Alex a text at this time? He never had that many friends that would text him at all. Alex looked at the text, all it seemed to say was ‘Blossom’ which if not strange enough came from an unknown number. Alex tried to see if he could call the number back, when he did he only heard static. Putting it down to a wrong number Alex put the phone in his pocket, slumped down, and looked back up at the stars. Not that it mattered because as soon as he did he got the ring from the phone that he was dreading. His mother was on the other end shouting “where the bloody hell are you?” with Alex answering by just putting the phone down and getting up off the grass and walking home.

Alex’s home was on a normal street, the house had three floors, with the top one being his room. From the outside it looked like an old barn, it was of course only a converted one. As Alex put his keys in the lock, he suddenly heard a huge chilling scream that echoed for miles around. He stopped what he was doing and looked around him but he saw nothing. This not only scared Alex but also reminded him of the text, but again he ignored it, he put the key in the lock and opened the door. When he opened the door, he suddenly felt a wall of smoke hit his face, no it wasn’t a fire it was just his mothers cooking.

You see another reason why he would never come back to the house before dinner is his mothers love of cooking. She loved cooking all types of food but the main problem was that she could never cook it right and always burnt it instead. “I’m home, and I smell dinner, I’ll get the takeaway menu,” Alex said as he walked towards the phone that was sitting next to the bottom of the stairs. He then pressed the call button on the phone and dialled in to the local takeaway.
“Thanks love!” His mother shouted while trying to put the fire out coming from the oven. His Dad was out on business so it was just him and his mother that night which again why she was trying to cook and his Dad wasn’t.

Later that night, Alex was sitting down watching the TV while his mum cleaned away the smell of smoke and the plates. He was alarmed to see reports of the strange screaming on the news, they didn’t seem to know where it was coming from. All Alex knew was that he had heard that noise before, and that it chilled him to the very bone. In fact, it was at his great Granddads funeral, just before they lowered the coffin in the ground he swore he could hear the screeching in the background. It made him cry but he didn’t run, he was only six years old at the time but he was still strong enough to stand his ground. Yet even ten years later, it still froze him to the spot, from then on it was all he could think about until he went to bed.

That night he dreamt that he was locked in a strange small room with four walls, each wall being grey and plain. Each wall had one door, each door felt different but Alex didn’t know what each one was. He had never dreamed a dream like this before, it almost felt real, like he wasn’t on his bed anymore. Alex then decided to take a closer look at each door, He started to walk towards the door nearest too him. Before he was able too he suddenly heard the huge scream again, making him instantly freeze to the spot with fear. Alex then felt something hard hit his face, and then a huge BEEP come from around him, which made Alex open his eyes and realized that he had really been sleeping all along.

Alex found out he had been sleep walking, had fallen over and landed flat on his face. The beep turned out to be his alarm clock telling him to be ready for school, which made Alex, get up off the floor and walk towards his bathroom. After 30 minutes of getting dressed and ready, Alex slung his bag over his shoulder, went out the door, on his way to school. His uniform was a white short sleeved shirt, a black tie with green stripes and black trousers. His mum was still asleep so he left without saying goodbye, but he knew she’d only moan at him for waking him up.

Alex didn’t have far to walk to school, so he always had enough time to walk though town on his way in. On the way in, he saw one of his best mates, his name was Callum. He had short blonde hair, wore glasses and had a very relaxed nature about most things in life but when it seemed to come to his friends he got serious. “Oi” Alex shouted trying to get his attention making Callum run over towards him.
“Hey” Callum replied, “did you hear that scream last night? It sounded like Michael Jackson’s summer home” Alex laughed and replied “yer, freaked me out a bit”. They carried on talking about it until they turned the corner and saw Callum’s girlfriend waiting for them. Her name was Jade and she had long red hair, a long black cloak and was well known for a huge temper but a heart twice the size. She and Callum hadn’t been going out long but as soon as she saw him turn around the corner, she leapt up and hugged him. He didn’t see it coming so they both fell straight over, with Callum taking most of the blow. “Hello lovely” Jade said as she helped Callum get off the floor
“Alright carrot top” Callum replied, smiling and brushing off the dirt. Jade hit him on the arm lightly in response, making Alex and Callum laugh.
“Hi Alex, did you two hear that scream last night?” she asked as the three carried on walking towards the school. “I heard it came from the school”
“Don’t be daft, I bet it was just some kind of animal let out the zoo” Callum replied.

Alex however was trying to keep out the conversation, as he knew whatever it was that he heard it was not going to be good. This was however confirmed when they got to school and Alex noticed a stranger waiting at the school gate. He was very tall, about seven feet, wore a long brown cloak, which covered most of his body. He also had on a hat and sunglasses so you weren’t able to see anything about him other then he was tall. As Alex passed him, he heard him whisper to him “the faceless walk”
“What are you on about?” Alex replied as he looked round at the man only to find he had disappeared,
“Alex, who are you talking too?” Callum asked to which Alex just stared at an empty space near the school gate.
“Didn’t you guys see anyone there?” Alex continued, going to the spot where he saw the man and touching the ground
“Dude, are you alright?” Callum asked,
“Never mind, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately”
Putting it down to lack of sleep, Alex carried on and walked though the front gate. He thought that this was the end of the day’s mishaps but it was just start. Alex’s school was brand new so it was quite modern. It was three huge towers connected by bridges on each floor to each tower.

As soon as he had stepped into the schoolyard he heard the chilling scream. This time he heard where it was coming from, it was coming from directly behind him. The school now seemed transformed into something that looked like hell with the school burning down in an instant, killing all the teachers and pupils inside. The ground was now brown and looked like ash, the sky changed from blue to black and a huge wall of fire burning around the school and for as high as the clouds. Alex could only watch in horror as he saw his life fall apart, Callum and Jade however held onto each other along with most of the other students still alive. “Alex, what do you want to do?” Callum asked as he turned round, still holding on to Jade.
“I’ve no idea, but I know we need to get out of here,” Alex said, turning around to the wall of fire. “Let me go first” he said, running for the wall of fire thinking he could get to the other side. He didn’t have the chance too, as the man he had seen at the gate blocked him. He stepped though the flame like it almost wasn’t there.
“Hello, Ichirin no Hana” he said, with a voice that was so deep it chilled Alex to the bone.
“Who are you?” Alex replied not wanting to waste his time but not wanting to annoy the man ether
“We are the faceless” he replied, taking off his hat and sunglasses to show that he indeed had no face. He had a white skull showing where his face would be, but the rest of skin on his head was still there. This made Alex panic and try to run while shouting to Jade and Callum to “run for there lives”.
“Do not think you can escape me, puny human,” the man shouted, pulling out a small green dagger from inside his cloak and throwing it at Alex’s left leg. It hit, making Alex lose all the feeling in both his legs and fall down to the floor.
“What do you want from me?” he pleaded
“I want you to tell me how you saw me before? What magic are you using? What side are you on?” he shouted walking towards Alex and removing his dagger from Alex’s leg and jumping back for another throw. Suddenly a small patch of blue opened up in the sky, which seemed to shine down to the ground. Alex noticed this and looked up to see a man fall down and land right in the middle of the light and right in front of the faceless.

The man wasn’t as tall as the faceless but was still quite tall at six foot. He wore a long red cloak that went as low as his torso that included a hood that covered his face. Inside his cloak he was wearing a black shirt that had what seemed to be bullets curved around his shoulder going down and around his waist. He wore black trousers that seemed to house a gun in the back pocket.
“Hi, I believe your name is Alex” he seemed to say, kneeling down and looking at Alex which allowed Alex to see the lower part of his face with a smile.
“Yes, it is, how did you know? And who the hell are you?” he replied still stuck on the floor, with the faceless man being stunned.
“What are you doing here?” the faceless man shouted pulling back his dagger and getting ready for a throw.
“I am fulfilling my purpose” he replied as he stood up, removed his gun from his back pocket and aimed it at the faceless arm.

The gun looked strange, as Alex had never seen anything like this before. It had a sliver handle, with the rest of the gun being made of gold, it seemed to be designed like the type of gun you’d see on a policeman. The bullets however seemed to glow light, even from inside the gun making it glow in the current darkness.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” the man carried on
“I’ll do whatever I-“the faceless man replied but he didn’t finish because the man shot his arm, making it fly off in the air and disappear.
“Really? Yet you’re forgetting my title faceless, Undefeated of the east” he replied while the gun smoked from the shot.
“Damn you!” The faceless shouted, with the blood coming from the place where his arm had been and spewing all over the floor.
“I’m already damned… may your soul find peace” as he aimed the gun at the faceless mans head and pulled the trigger, making the faceless man shriek and make the scream that Alex had heard before many times before that day.

Instantly the wall of fire disappeared, all that had happened over the last 5 minutes seemed to vanish in seconds. The school seemed to fly up from the ashes, people who were lying dead on the floor got up and started walking again. Even Jade and Callum seemed to stop holding onto each other and walked on towards school. Yet the only person who wasn’t affected was Alex who was still watching The Undefeated of the East stand there with his eyes closed. “What are you?” Alex asked.
“Don’t ask me that, I won’t answer but more to the point you need to be asking not what but why?” he replied opening his eyes and helping Alex back up off the floor. Alex seemed to instantly gain the power of his legs back but he was still nervous about what he’d just seen.
“Ok then, why?” Alex replied
“Your school was attacked because of you, you are not changing like everyone else because you are no longer needed here. Now this is a lot to take in at once, so you have 5 minutes to talk to your friends Jade and Callum, they will not remember you, just remember they knew someone like you but never put names to faces.”
“WHAT?” Alex shouted
“Your leaving with me Alex, you’re leaving to go to a different place not on this plane, why? I don’t even know but it would be best to save your questions for later as there are others who you must meet who will explain it to you better then I could. Do you understand?” He asked,
“Do I have a choice if I go or stay?” Alex replied
“Yes you do, but you must remember if you do, these people will come after you and your friends and your family. I won’t be here next time and you won’t be strong enough to defend them, in other words you’d be more or less killing them yourself”
“Fine, I’ll go with you, just give me five minutes with Jade and Callum” Alex replied walking over to Jade and Callum. “Hey”
“Hi, what’s up?” Callum asked hugging Jade
“I’m leaving, and I don’t think I’ll be coming back for a long time” Alex said, with tears forming in his eyes
“Why?” Jade asked looking sad
“Don’t ask him that Jade, I know if you want to come back then you will and I know you will someday” he said holding out his hand “This isn’t goodbye but see you later”
“Then it’s a deal, I’ll be coming back and I’ll make sure I’ll tell you all about it then” Alex replied with a smile on his face. He then reached out for Callum's hand, they both smiled at each other, with Alex letting go and turning back towards The Undefeated of the East with a tear in his eye dropping down to the floor. “Are you done here?” He asked looking up at the sky
“Yes, will I ever see them again?” he asked
“Do you want too? Knowing they would of forgotten you ever existed?” he replied
“Good point so lets go before I change my mind” Alex said making The Undefeated of the East smile
“Good, now for a start, my title you already know but I’d rather you call me Arthur and I will be your protector until you can defend yourself” he answered pointing his gun up to the sky and shooting off one bullet. “This won’t take long” he said as the light reappeared in the sky and seemed to let Alex and Arthur fly up into the sky.

CHAPTER 2: Angels and Demons

As Alex was flying up into the sky he was able to have one last look down on his friends. He smiled as he remembered all the great times he had with his best friend. He even began to miss his family as he thought about never having to come home to the smell of burning food. Alex however knew thinking about this would only make him feel worse so he looked up at what seemed to be the sky until he suddenly blacked out and felt himself falling.

Alex woke up, not knowing if he was somewhere else or back where he started but he did know he fell some distance. He knew this because of the pain he felt in his face and the fact that he had blood coming out his mouth that he had to spit out. As he got up he noticed that he wasn’t near the school anymore and he didn’t think even think he was in the country anymore. He just happened to be in the middle of an open field, the grass was green like it should be and the sky was blue with clouds like it should be. For a brief moment Alex thought he must have been dreaming and that he must have got really drunk and walked the wrong way home. This was until he suddenly felt a small hand on his back that threw him back down on the floor. The creature that was now staring at him wasn’t human and wasn’t like anything Alex had seen face too face before.

Its skin was bright red, it had very small body with two little horns on his head. It was what Alex had known only in films and games as an imp but Alex had no idea what its real name might be. However while Alex had been there staring this imp in the face, the imp was screaming. It was jumping up on down on Alex’s chest almost like Alex had insulted it somehow. “What do you want?” he shouted pushing the imp off his chest and getting up off the grass.
“Me ish wanting you gone, leave damned itty” it shouted still jumping up and down on the spot.
“LEAVE, and never return, foolish imp” Arthur shouted finally landing down on the ground and getting out his pistol. As the imp was, running away Arthur aimed his pistol and fired the trigger, making the imp freeze for a moment, then explode and disappear. Arthur had now removed his hood, which let Alex see his face for the first time. He had grey hair, a glass eye in his right eye socket that was pure red with a cross in the centre. A scar that went down the same place the eye was. His left eye was the same as a human one but his right eye seemed to move very fast, the cross would also change colour like when he faced the imp his eye turned red but when he looked at Alex, it turned green.
“Why did you do that? He was running away. And what the hell is up with your right eye?” Alex asked
“He would have got allies, you may not be known very well yet but I am quite famous in these parts and I don’t want the unneeded attention. And my eye is none of your concern” Arthur replied returning his pistol to his back pocket.
“Where are these parts anyway?” Alex asked making Arthur sigh, sit down and start reloading his pistol from the bullets that were wrapped around his chest.
“Sit, do not worry but were in what your kind call, ‘heaven’” Arthur replied, making Alex laugh. “What’s so funny?” Arthur asked
“I’m in heaven? But I haven’t died, right?” Alex asked with the smile soon vanishing from his face.
“No you’re not dead, yet but as I said earlier I can’t explain everything to you but I know people who want to meet you and can explain it all to you. Then you will make your choice” Arthur replied reaching inside his cloak and pulling out some bread and handing some to Alex.
“Choice? What choice? TELL ME SOMETHING, I’M FED UP WITH ALL OF THIS CRAP SO FAR SO AT LEAST TELL ME SOMETHING USEFUL” Alex shouted taking the bread but throwing it down on the floor
“DON’T YOU DARE GET ANGRY AT ME KID, just remember that I’m only doing this because I’ve been told by some very powerful people. Not out of care nor concern and I don’t get my reward until you meet these people safe and sound so eat that bloody food and get over yourself” Arthur shouted picking up the bread and handing it to him. Alex was left with no choice but to take the bread and eat it as he was starting to get hungry.
“What some?” Alex asked
“I don’t eat” Arthur replied
Alex was about to ask why but he decided against it, whoever this guy was he wasn’t nice and he wasn’t to be messed with at the moment. So Alex decided to make the best of a bad situation and lay down on the floor and ate his bread.

After Alex had eaten his bread, Arthur said, “We need to make our way to the nearest town or city so that I can send a message to have us picked up, and taken to the centre city which is called Blossom”
“How long will it be till we get to the nearest town or city?” Alex asked
“If it was just me it could take seconds but because of you it’ll take a few hours walking to get there. You should also change what you’re wearing, I got some change of clothes for you from a good friend of mine and a present from my employers” Arthur replied looking in a bag by his feet and pulling out some clothes for Alex with a long sword on top.
“What’s that?” Alex asked
“That is what they call a sword, I thought you’d at least know that and in my defence I advised you to be given a gun but they insisted on a sword instead. I myself hate swords so keep it sheathed and away from me if you don’t mind” Arthur replied dropping the items at Alex’s feet.

The items consisted of a long white robe which had the same symbol of the flower of the back as it did on his chain around his neck. He also got a shirt and some trousers but the robe was so long that it covered them up. He kept his school clothes just in case he needed them again so he used the bag the other clothes came in and held onto it. He hadn’t up to this point touched the sword that he had just left in on the ground and was about to set off until Arthur picked up the sword by the sheathed end and threw it up at Alex.
“You have to carry this for your own protection” he said with the look of don’t argue that Alex was learning fast.

As soon as Alex touched the sword he felt the chain around his neck tingle as though it was reacting. Alex then unsheathed the sword and saw what it looked like. It was strange as the hilt was black with green ribbon going around it. The blade itself was also black, curved, was about 4 feet long and like one of the swords from a samurai film. The strangest thing about it was that it had the same chain and flower on the bottom that was on the chain around his neck. He thought about asking questions but he decided against it as he was getting used to the fact that he was in a strange place and he needed this man as much as he needed him to survive. “Lets go, also how do you know where to go? I can only see green fields for miles” Alex asked
“Don’t worry; we won’t get lost “Arthur replied looking up at the sky and suddenly pointing in that direction and shouting “THIS WAY”.

Since Alex’s watch had broken on his fall, he had no idea how long he had been walking for but he knew it had been for a long time and they had seen nothing for miles. He thought he would never get there (wherever ‘there’ might be) he suddenly saw in the distance two men standing on what seemed to be a path. “Who are they?” Alex asked but Arthur took no notice of Alex’s questions anymore. As they got closer and closer to the two men, Alex got the chance to get a closer look at them. They each had a spear and seemed to be acting as guards but they had no uniform. Instead, they had worn rags and were both wearing a bandana to cover there baldheads. Alex and Arthur were now directly in front of them with Arthur making the first words. “We need to pass, lets us by” he said, making sure he had one hand on his pistol in his back pocket.
“We do not fear you!” one of the men shouted lowering his spear and aiming it at Arthur.
“I do not intend to create fear but I will if provoked” he replied as he pulled out his pistol but the man hit first by knocking the pistol out his hand before he had the chance to get a real grip on it. It suddenly flew up high in the air with Arthur seeming to jump a super human distance into the air to try to catch it.
“Great, two against one, easy win and I like those robes too,” the other man said who seemed to be the quieter of the two.
“I don’t want any trouble,” Alex said holding onto the hilt of his sword.
“Good, then just give us the sword and be gone from out sight” the same man replied with a smile on his face. Alex now felt his hand move on its own, remove the sword, and aim it at the man.
“This sword belongs to me, fight me for it” Alex shouted deciding to test out his new sword.
“Very well, I’ll go first, my brother can come afterwards and help me finish you off” he said running towards Alex before jumping up in the air and swinging his spear down on him. Alex was able to jump out the way and swing his sword down on the spear while it was on the ground, making it crack.
“Impossible! This spear is made of pure steel, there’s no way that kids sword could break that!” he shouted but unable to argue as Alex ran towards the man, slashing his left arm off and making him lower the spear to the ground.
“Brother help me!” he shouted but he only heard a gun shot and then a thump on the floor before he knew what had happened. Arthur had his gun by now, had made the shot from high up in the air, and from the thump Alex guessed that he had hit his target, and was about to land. “BROTHER?” he shouted with Alex being able to see the fear in his eyes
“Your brother is dead, if I were you I’d run to save yourself from the fate that follows you” Arthur said, falling down right behind Alex.
“Nether of you scare me!” he shouted running back and getting ready for another attack
“Alex, this is an order, kill him now before he kills you” Arthur said walking to the side of the path and sitting down to reload his gun.
“What? I won’t kill this man, dude leave and take your brothers body with you, give him a decent burial or something,” Alex shouted
“You killed my brother…,” the man shouted running towards Alex ready to stab him with the tip of the spear that he was now only holding by one hand. Alex had to act fast so he ran towards the man too, sword at his side and ready to attack.

At the right time, Alex swung the sword to the left, breaking the spear in half but he didn’t stop there, he kept on running until he was face to face with the man and with one upper slash he cut the man in half. As soon as Alex had done so, he looked down on the floor to see what he had done but the body had already disappeared. “I’ve never killed a man before…” Alex gasped falling to his knees
“You didn’t kill him, he was already dead, all you did was send him to where he was meant to go” Arthur replied
“What?” Alex asked looking up at Arthur
“I didn’t want to explain this to you but I guess I don’t have a choice, the way this place works is that this is a between world for angels and demons. It is also the place where you decide what you will become, a Demon or an Angel. Becoming ether takes a great amount of effort and power so because you killed those thief’s then you’re now one-step closer to becoming an angel. They however are now in Hell and will most likely return as demons but when you kill them in there demon form they are reborn down on a planet. Maybe Earth or maybe somewhere else but I do know they will be back and they won’t be as easy to kill next time.” Arthur replied for once being nice towards Alex.
“So I didn’t kill him?” Alex asked making Arthur sigh
“No you did not kill him, you helped him get stronger but then again so did I but lets keep this between you and me. Killing bandits is frowned upon where were going. But you did well kid, keep the sword sharp as it’ll keep you alive in a place like this” Arthur replied
“How long till we get to this city” Alex asked
“Just a few miles down this road, not long now” Arthur replied as they both carried on down the road. Alex didn’t know what had happened to him but he knew he would not have swung that sword down so harshly and he also know he had no idea how to handle a sword yet he seemed to do so effortlessly.

True to Arthur’s word, a few miles down the road, Alex was able to see the gates of the city. The city was quite big, surrounded by a very tall stonewall with the front having a large steel drawbridge with the gate being down now. “Now, Alex if anyone asks who you are, do not answer, just pretend your dumb and can’t speak” Arthur said as they got closer and closer to the front gate.
“Ok, I won’t bother asking why” Alex replied with an annoyed tone
“Good, your learning” Arthur replied as they reached the city gate and was standing in front of two city guards. They both looked exactly the same with both of them wearing white t-shirts and white trousers and had a red chain going around there neck. “What is your business in these parts?” one of the guards asked
“We need shelter and food for the night, we will be leaving in the morning” Arthur replied
“What about the boy?” The other guard asked
“He cannot speak, do not trouble him but he will be leaving in the morning too”
“Very well you may pass, I advise you go to the tavern tonight, got a number of people performing” the first guard said smiling at Alex as they walked inside the gate.

The city used the walls as the backs to the main buildings, in the centre there were a few buildings but none seemed to compare in style to the ones around the edges. The buildings around the edges were all attached with some being houses for families and others being shops and Inns. The building at the far end was the biggest of them all and had a sign saying Bears Balls. The building style seemed to be almost Victorian, as the buildings were made of stone, with wooden beams in-between. “You see the bear’s balls over there? Go there and get us a room for the night. I’ve got to contact some people, alone,” Arthur, said starting to walk off towards one of the houses
“What about money?” Alex shouted
“Money? What use is money when you’re dead,” Arthur laughed leaving Alex on his own. Alex not liking the stare he was getting from the people around him, as most of them were wearing dark cloaks or just generally, dark attire making him stand out. So Alex quickly decided to run to the bear’s balls and see if he could get a room. As he entered the tavern, Alex noticed that it wasn’t a happy place with the walls being grey and plain. There was a bar, some seats and tables scattered around the place, some of which were upside down because of a fight from the night before. There were also stairs that Alex presumed must be where they were going to stay. “Can I have a room please?” Alex asked the man standing behind the bar, cleaning the glasses
“For a kid like you? No chance, we only give out rooms to adult customers and you don’t look like an adult to me” He replied
“I’m travelling with an adult, his just not with me at the moment” Alex replied hoping to appeal to his lighter side.
“Nice try kid but I doubt you are, unless you want to tell me his name?” the bar men replied with a smile on his face
“The Undefeated of the East” Alex said making the bar man laugh
“You’re a good one kid, IF that thing was here then we’d all be dead plus the fact that he is trapped in Hell and from what I hear, his still there stuck on a diet of deadly poison and weekly beatings” The bar men replied
“What?” Alex replied in shock
“I’m guess you haven’t heard of his tale before so if you take a seat I’ll get you a drink and we can talk about it. You’re still not getting a room but I like telling a good story” the bar men said getting a beer and putting it on the table for Alex.
“I’m allowed to drink?” Alex asked
“Yer, you’re dead so it’s not like it can cause you anymore damage. Now The Undefeated of the East is an evil bastard, he is not and was never a man in the first place. He used to go from town to town and killing all he could see or hear, demon or angel it didn’t matter to him. He never said why he did it but he always had a smile on his face while he did so, almost as if he enjoyed sending people to die before there time. He was then confronted by a large army, killed most of them but he was just about captured and put in a special cell that is called inescapable” the bar man said, making Alex almost spit out his drink
“Why did they call it inescapable?” Alex asked gulping and putting down his drink
“Because it causes you to live in a never ending nightmare, all your fears are repeated to you over and over again” the bar men answered in a lowered tone.

Suddenly a strange women entered the bar, she had purple shoulder length hair, green eyes and was wearing the same robe that Alex was apart from the fact that it was blue and that instead of a the sign of a flower it had the sign of fire. “Well look who it is” the bar man shouted
“What?” She asked with a surprised look on her face
“You’ve got a nerve you know” he replied raising his tone
“Nerve for what?” she asked
“The mess you caused last night!” the bar man shouted pointing to the mess around the bar.
“Oh, sorry about that but the men don’t seem to understand the word ‘no’ around here” she said with a cute smile on her face.
“Well next time can you at least try and turn them down nicely” the bar man sarcastically replied
“Who’s the kid?” She asked
“No idea, just came in asking for a room and told me his travelling with the, you’ll never believe this, Undefeated of the East” he roared laughing once again, making Alex feel like he wasn’t even there.
“My name is Alex and I must have misunderstood what he told me” Alex said
“Nice to meet you Alex, my name is Hayley and please forgive Jack, he does tend to be insensitive of other peoples feelings” Hayley replied smiling at Alex
“But…” Jack tried to butt in
“No buts let the kid have a room, for one night at least” Hayley asked Jack.

Therefore, that night Alex stayed at the Inn, alone as he waited and waited for Arthur to return. He waited so long that drunken men thrown across the room by Hayley didn’t even make him move or even blink. Eventually he fell asleep and Jack took him up to his room.

The next morning Alex awoke to Hayley screaming “WAKEY WAKEY”, making Alex jump out of bed. At first, he tried to reach for his sword but he couldn’t find it, he looked around and didn’t see it anywhere.
“Where’s my sword?” he asked
“A child like you shouldn’t have something like that, so I put it away for safe keeping” Hayley replied with a tray of food in her hand. Alex suddenly noticed that he wasn’t at the bar anymore and looked around him in shock. He noticed that he’d seen the exact same room in his dream with the only difference being that were was a bed in this room.
“Where am I?” Alex asked
“Your in your room, now eat this, Jack won’t let you stay any longer so eat as much as you can” Hayley replied putting the food down by his feet.
“Did a man turn up for me?” Alex asked as Hayley was about to leave the room
“No, now eat up quickly” she said with the relaxed tone of hers disappearing. Alex not wanting to waste the food ate it all, still he didn’t know what he was going to do about his sword or about Arthur. However, he left his room to find his sword laid on the floor outside his door.

Alex returned his sword to his belt around his robe, made sure he had his bag with the extra clothes in and walked downstairs. He could still see the indents in the wall where men had landed, Hayley and Jack were cleaning up.
“You always make a bloody mess” Jack said in a moody tone.
“Oh shut up you grumpy git” she replied
“Morning” Alex said
“Morning kid, your mate didn’t come, shame but I’m sorry I can’t keep you here so I’ll have to move you on” Jack said almost like he cared
“I’ll take him outside the city and point him to wherever he wants to go” Hayley said smiling, grapping Alex’s arm and running out the door to shouts from Jack about her “getting out of cleaning up her own mess”.

As she did, she accidentally bumped into a man dressed in a very long brown cloak that covered all of his body. “Sorry” she said but the man didn’t respond and simply walked on towards the bar, with another man looking exactly the same walking behind him. Hayley thought nothing of it and just ran on out the door but Alex felt like he had seen them somewhere before, then he thought about the two men he had seen on the way in. He thought against it because surely they couldn’t have come back this fast.
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Wow The story is nice. There are some gramar mistakes. But that dosent mean mutch.

I realy like how you describe the characters in there. Also the way you write the events makes it quite easy to imagine.

I give you a thumbs up for it.
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Grega said:
Wow The story is nice. There are some gramar mistakes. But that dosent mean mutch.

I realy like how you describe the characters in there. Also the way you write the events makes it quite easy to imagine.

I give you a thumbs up for it.
well, thanks dude, as I think you were one of the guys who told me what was wrong last time (cold steel at least), which kinda shows to me that I've improved, and your right about grammer but my excuse is word, it keeps correcting Doesn't into does not, which doesn't :p need doing, but it does matter so please, point out my mistakes, it all helps in the long run

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