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Aug 23, 2003
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The last Saiya-jin (remake)

Becouse i heard my story was'nt flawless, i decided to remake it.

The last Saiya-jin, is about a boy, his name is Pool, he has black hair.
He is just an average person, who is still going to school, he is only 14 years old.
Pool was going to school again, riding with the bus and thinking what his new classmates
would be like.
He just passed the first year.
The first years however were a hell, he was being beaten up everytime.
The person who did this was the leader of the gang, his name was Ronald,
He was 21 years old, and did'nt go to the school anymore, he just likes to
tease and beat up everone.
He was verry muscular, and went every day to the dojo, he knew karate.
Ofcourse when the teachers came, he acted like he was a angel,
and no one dared to say the truth.
Pool also had a crush on a girl, her name was Susan.
She had blonde hair, with a ponytale, and she had always been nice to Pool.
Ronald was inside the school, seeing wich victim he could beat up,
then Pool passed him by, and Ronald hitted him in the stomach, for no reason.
The pain was really bad, and Pool started to cry.
Then the bully started to laugh and said, hahaha, what a wimp.
And he kicked Pool, and left the school.
This went on for a few months, until now.
Pool was recovering again from the last beating up, and he looked outside.
He saw that Ronald was flirting with Susan, SUSAN!?
Then Ronald kissed Susan, and when Pool saw this, his blood started to boil.
He tought of the times when he was beaten up by Ronald.
Pool made a fist of his hands, and squeezed so hard that blood was coming out of his hands.
Then suddenly a flash came to his head, and lost his concious for a second.
The ground shaked, and the other kids were shocked by Pool.
He walked out the crater, wich was created by the tremendous energy created by Pool.
He was now different, his hair was standing right up, goldish, en his eyes were green.
A yellow glow was surounding Pool, and Ronalds looked at him.
This is the end, Pool said to Ronald.
Ronald laughed at him, saying: yeah right, only becouse you have a new hair cut?
He runned at pool and kicked him in the head.
At his horror, the kick had absolutely no effect! Pool grabbed him by the feet and threw him
against the wall.
Pool stood before the bully, and started to say, KA ME HAA MEE,
Ronald said that he watched to many movies, but then he saw blue light coming to him.
After that, Pool was exhausted, and fell on the ground.
Few minutes later he waked up, and saw only rubble, the whole school was gone.
Plus ofcourse Ronald.
But Susan and the rest of the kids were gone as well.
Pool decided to find another school, since this school was no more.

hope you liked it

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