Its been a while ?


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May 7, 2004
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Well... I decided to open download section...
>>Check ESF Video Here<<
Download all the video wish to see... I cant promise the download section keep stay open since i decided to open it myself with out tell other members XD
Missed any of my ESF videos then this is your chance... its open and free....
Btw.. there will soon be a new video release check the very secret sneakvideo here
Video are done but im holding the release date a bit... since it night and i go sleep soon... so i wont let my pc work all night.. tomorrow i upload it, if i dont forget it... there will be a notice in news, once released...
even the sneak preview of the intro are out of date.. really been improoved.... anyway... enjoy the open download section if you want.... I go bed now..... so tied...
I work to much -.-''

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