Human Evolution

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Jun 24, 2004
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i have to agree with everything sub said.

i think were just about done evolving physically and are gonna go on more of a mental race. to put it simply, were gonna get insanely intelligent.

eventually most races will be combined in some way, making the ideal human being. the world will be united in its effort to save the entire planet from being destroyed by the sun/meteor/mass extinction effect.

i believe that bad things only happen in short occasions. in other words, patience brings good things.
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Nov 24, 2001
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What I meant that our evolution was forced by selection. I just think that it isn't really possible as long as it's not
an advantage that's needed for survival.
We evolved into upright creatures because it was an advantage.
Members who would walk on 2 legs would have better chances of survival and would reproduce more.

So to make your ideas happen we'd need to only **** people with really skilled feet and big coccyx.

Well, we are talking about moving human-kind to a radically different environment, much like how sea creatures moved to the land and became our early land creatures. Space nomads will be living nearly exclusively in space and will form their own community seperated from 'planet humans'. New traits don't necesarely have to be essential for survival, it is enough if they give a slight advantage over time. The most succesful will survive. In such a society, the most succesful could be those that make the most money, or those that have the best survival in a space war. The extra hands or tail are just examples, but I'm sure that if you seperate a group of humans and put them in a radically different environment for 10000's of years, they'll evolve in something more suited for that environment.

This society could be kick-started by selecting those that are small and possibly have skilled feet as our first space travellers, much like we select small people with good eyes as jet fighter pilots.

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