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Aug 4, 2005
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Hi I need to know the lastest version of the game and others things like:

How to transform to ss2 and ss3 ( if it's possible)

Latest version of the game

thats all plz help me i started playing just yesterday.
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Nov 21, 2003
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Stairing at the Abyss
The newest version is ESF b1.2.3
In the currect version it isnt possible to transform past the first level so no SSJ2 and so on.

All transformations will be added in ESF b1.3 but dont ask when thats comming cause noone knows and youll get the anwser "Its done when its done"

If you have problems joining a server look at the game mode some servers are using EVM and ESF does not work with it.

EVM is a third party addon to ESF if you nead info on it you should look here that is all the info allowed here on EVM.

Wellcome to the forums and the game and enjoy :p

PS if you have aneymore questions just ask. Or better yet try some stickeys :p they give lots of anwsers but moast users dont want to read them :(

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