Grub bugging me D:


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Aug 23, 2003
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Okay, here's my problem,

I've been messing around with several Linux distro's for a while now, from Ubuntu to Gentoo, (with gentoo being a pain to install on a few pc's), anyways..

I want to try slackware, because in my expierence it boots up really fast, (even faster then gentoo imo), only after installing the thing, it gives me GRUB, while slackware uses Lilo.

I was hoping that lilo would replace grub, but grub is still there, which annoys me because I can't start slackware.

I know that I can edit the grub.conf file to add slackware and that it will work.

But I want to learn more about linux, and I want to try lilo out too, and most importantly, how to get rid of Grub without using a Microsoft boot disk, because everybody on the internet tells me to boot up a windows CD/Dos floppy with Fdsk on it and do "fdisk /mbr" or a few other commands to get rid of grub.

So my question is, does anyone here know how to remove grub from the master boot record by using a linux boot cd? i'm using slackware, but its fine too if its another linux distro.

It just a little contradicting that you would have to use a Microsoft made program, to get rid of something made by Linux programmers... at least IMO it is.

or maybe i'm not searching good enough D:

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