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Jun 17, 2003
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Soon i'll be getting my own car. I have to buy it used. My budget is $10,000 to $15,000.

Any year lower 2000 is not needed.

I need a type of car that I can fit four people in, and get on the road without getting gas for every 150 miles.

I need to plan this out so I can take my driving test and soon practice on getting my license.

Any car suggestions? =]
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Sep 20, 2003
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Any car with a 4 cyl. engine will get anywhere from 25-35 miles to the gallon, depending on a lot of stuff. Is it fuel injected? Manual? If you want, you can buy one of those newer cars with the automatic transmission that shifts at the correct time, they get better milage than a manual. But where's the fun in that?

Get a 6 cyl. engine and you're looking at around ~22 mpg. An 8 cyl. you're looking at filling it up "every 150 miles" They get about 15 or so miles to the gallon unless you get like a porche or something. Then your kick ass v8 will get 22 or 25 mpg.

I also suggest any japanese made car, honda (no prefered but it's japanese) toyota(will last you 15+ years if you treat it right) etc.

American made cars suck ass, as do korean cars (especially). I'm not too sure about German cars. Don't really look into them. Jetta's are pretty cheap though.

ALWAYS do a kelly blue book on any used car you purchase, because chances are they're screwing you over in some way. Get a car under 100k miles, if you're getting a car that's 2000 or newer, the car shouldn't have more than 84k miles on it.

If you want a 4 person seater, you need to look at any type of car o.0 Pretty much the only cars out there are like the mazda miata and equivilent that don't have 4 seats.

Uhh, so yeah. That should do it.


Just so you know, any car that's a convertable will up your insurance, a sports car will up your insurance, an the newer the car the more the insurance so good luck with your "new" car. Apparently if you can spend that much money on a used car (even though you should only need around 7500 for a good used car) you won't have any problem with insurance.

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