I know this maybe should be put in the game section but its based off anime so it will probably be read more here, also i looked at all the forums rules and i didn't see anything against posting for another mod, if i missed it sorry, just delete this.

Ok i know most of you here are into naruto so, here is a half life mod for naruto, most of you probably know of it, others not so much but they have a small community considering there fantastic work and them being on the top 10 for *URL EDITTED*. There work so far looks very very top of the line considering the engine, just check it out, say hi and enjoy.


Also there is one for half life 2, called spirit of konoha, the site is of course if you tried to guess,, DO NOT GO TO IT RIGHT NOW. The site has been down, but as of late they have been hacked or something and it takes you to, lets just say something you don't want to see.(the only reason i posted the link is because people probably would have guessed it anyway, and that would have been bad.) Also the quality of work there is top notch, but unfortunately, gotta wait for site and forums to get back up to find out.

Again sorry if this brakes any of the rules, just for the guys who see it, check it out, its really great.
Nov 24, 2001
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this is advertising..

and thus not allowed.. I will not warn you but don't let it happen again..

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