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Nov 30, 2002
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In the evening to the afternoon, (March, 11 - +1 GMT) I will be updating the forums to 3.8.1. In this time, I'll shut down the forums just to be sure that things won't go wrong. I'll also will revert every single customized templates (of the ESF Theme) back to its default state. This will break a lot of templates, but with the changes I will be making to all the templates after they are back to the default, it should fix a lot of issues. Possible the issue that Grega is having with threads (last post) as well.

When the update is over, I'll change this thread name to [UPDATED] so you guys can report any issues that may follow. It is most likely that a few plugins such as the thread ignore addon will be broken or won't function as it should. It'll take me a lot of time to fix everything after the update, so please have some patience. I'll also try to list the broken and fixed stuff within this thread if I find any.
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