1. Skyrider

    Forum Update & Template Changes

    In the evening to the afternoon, (March, 11 - +1 GMT) I will be updating the forums to 3.8.1. In this time, I'll shut down the forums just to be sure that things won't go wrong. I'll also will revert every single customized templates (of the ESF Theme) back to its default state. This will break...
  2. S

    a template I'm making

    ok, i was at home and i got bored, so i made some a website but im not liking how its turning out so i decided to see what you guys thought of it.
  3. B0Bmaster40000

    Animators Needed for Project:FW

    We are currently looking for an animator to help Hellspawn out with his job of modelling for Project: Futora-Warfare. It would be greatly apprieciated if you could help out. If you want more information on this project please go to the website, and read what its about, and if you have any...
  4. R

    Poorly Skinned Vash

    For being the third skin I've made I am VERY disapointed with the skin and myself... I got lazy and mapped the model bad.. plus the template I made did not want to cooperate with my mapping... I hate mapping... but here it is... http://www.lcvalentine.com/Chewy/vf.jpg...


    I was woundering if any one new where i could get a Modle template which i could use in milkshape 3d caus ei can never get the body or facial features right so if any kind people could send or give me a link to a basic model i would verry much appreciate it :)
  6. OneWingedAngel

    Skinning and stuff

    Ok i'm haveing trouble skinning how do i make my own skins in paint shop pro?!? please tell me! then how do i apply them to my model?!? Also does anyone know were i can learn how to model and skin with MilkShape and paintshop pro? please help