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Jan 6, 2002
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Some of you might be too young to remember it, but back in 2002 a thread called Forum Fanfic 2 was created. It remained active for over a year.

It was a story created through many different people and at the end one of them suggested that we rerelease them in chapters. Today I looked back at that Fan-Fic and I felt proud to be a part of it. Maybe it wasn't the greatest thing in the world but I enjoyed it, I believe the rest of them enjoyed it too, and I'd like to share it with the rest of you.

So, for those who care, I present the first chapter of the Forum Fanfic.

P.S: Technically this belongs to all of us, if anyone is against me reposting the Fan-Fic then please pm me.


Arthos Forum Fanfic 2

The Story is not set in stone, but in the other thread i did have a premice. I shall control My Character of Arthos as well as my coming enemy's. First things first, down time. Judge should really start the story but i would like to have a begining for my character.

Time Period. 5 Years after Cell's Defeat by Gohan.

Arthos' was sleeping on a hammock in a backyard of a large hemispherical Building in a large city. Capsule Corp. Ever since he returned from Tarsan 4 years ago to help fight Cell he had been rooming with The residents of this place. A small child approached from the large home. The Kid jumped intending to land on top of Arthos. One of his Large metallic arms sprung up grabbing the kid's shirt firmly, yet let him down to the ground in a gentle manner. Arthos looked at the kid with a face of disapointment.
"Trunks, what are you doing? Don't you know jumping on people while they are in hammocks is dangerous. No matter."
A Smile quickly appeared on his face as Arthos proceeded to give Trunks a nuggee.
"Now what is you wanted Trunks."
"Mr. Arthos, Father is still training and I tought you want to with him."
"Trunks, I lived here since were a tot, I'd like you think you'd've dropped the 'Mr' routine. I'll join him, then I'll take you to see Goten."
Trunks ran off somewhere and Arthos Proceeded to the Gravity chamber. Arthos is a large man, close to Goku in height but slightly shorter. He is a short haired trueblood saiyan that strangly enough, still has his tail, despite having managed to acheive SSJ2. His hair had a strange nonsaiyan trait. His temples are begining to grey(Mainly since he is the oldest living saiyan). Both his arms from the shoulders down are biomechanical. Basically his arms a cybernetic in a way that is mimics living flesh, but remain visibly metallic. His right eye did not appear to be real either, his had a targeting reticle look to it with lines on it save for the iris with matched the black of his other eye. This eye doesn't change color when his transforms. There are what apear to be Subdermal wires leading away from the eye. There is also a vertical scar on the eye. He is currently wearing a wife beater and jeans. This reveals some of the scars he got in the many battles and training sessions throughout his life. He may like to sleep way too much but he trains hard when awake.
After stepping in he immediatly sensed the gravity level.
"400 Gs? A little light today Vegeta."
"Go away I'm training."
"Come now, I always train after my Afternoon nap."
"Sleep is for the weak."
"I can prove you wrong...Rest is essential to proper training my freind."
Arthos proceeded to warmup. After powering up to SSJ his golden tail twitched slightly. His fighting moves were lightening fast. Vegeta was slightly caught off gaurd by this fact and continued his training.


*Other dimension*
Julianos was walking around near king Yema, waiting to return to another planet, he couldnt go back to his planet because it was completely destroyed. Julianos got to the other dimension while sacrificing his life to save the lives of others. altho that atempt was in feign. since the enemy survived the desperate action of Julianos. and still killed everybody he knew or loved. and destroyed his home planet.
"Yema, its almost been a year since I sacrificed myself. I was told that i could come back to life after a year"
"I know, like you said, its almost a year. you still gotta wait 3 days"

Julianos sat down, and thought of a place to return to. he couldnt go back to Dragonzia cuz it was destroyed.

"yema, you know a place I can go to after this is over?"
"well, the planet that needs heroes and has a dangerous foe everytime is Earth. you might prove usefull there."

Julianos noded and thought it was a great plan. and went outside towards the arena, where a tournament was about to start. Julianos was wearing a long black leather coat, and had black hair. a bit errect and had black eyes. he also was pretty tall, and not very musclulair, thats why a lot of opponents underestimated him.

Julianos walked through the gates and went towards a guy who had a notebook in his hand.
"i wanna participate"
"ah ok whats your name?"
"hmm I see you never participated in this tournament. welcome and please be carefull.. a lot of people are really strong and you look human and not that special to be honest. but good luck to you"

"thanks....I guess.." and Julianos walked into the arena.


Vegot had finally returned to base after a long extermination mission of a strong race. He was bored becuase no person he has met had defeated him. He wished that he wasn't the only saiyan left, maybe if there was another he had achived the great power. "Sir, we have just found out that the dragonballs on planet Earth have returned." said a station worker. "This is great news, indeed get my ship ready I will go to Earth alone." Vegot had a smirk on his face and a glimmer in his eye, I shall wish for someone powerful enough to match me!!

1000 Kilometers til land says the computer in a robotic tone. "Finally I can make the best fighter ever with the dragonballs!" Being so excited by the fight he powers up to ssj3, little did he know there was a saiyan already on earth...


Full Name: Jinzou Hwoarang
Age: 19
Height: 6"3
Weight: 195 lb
Hair Color: Blood Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: Permenantly Tan
Race: Bio-Android

Originally a Red Ribbon prototype, Hwoarang was abducted by a renegade alien race. Taking him back to their home planet. Where they "without knowing what a mistake they had made" perfected his model. He was raised in a violent enviroment and only new warfare and the urge to destroy. So, the instant he was released he began a killing spree for fun, destroying major cities all over the planet.

The remaining survivors made a deal with Hwoarang for him to stay away from the planet if they gave him transportation back to Earth. Being the clever android he was, he agreed and they left for Earth. But as they left the atmosphere, he killed everyone on the ship and flew outside the ship.

With a smirk on his face he fired a huge ki blast that was felt all over the universe. Destroying the planet in one powerful explosion. Hwoarang was going to destroy the universe and no one was going to stop him.

His next destination: Earth


On the 3rd moon of Tarsan.

"Lord Cinder! Earth Dragonballs can be attained. I Suggest a full scaled deployment. We must secure the planet before anyone else gets there."
Cinder stood up from his seat. In his protective armor he looked quite feeble. His body never comepletely healed from that last battle. The Black armor suit glowed red for its many apetures.
His Servent was Galak, his military advisor.
"Galak, fetch Telcor and Thralla."
"Yes M'lord."
Galak scurried out. A minute later 2 figures appeared in the doorway.
Oe figured stepped forward. It was Telcor. Telcor was quite large, almost a giant. This was mainly because of the very large armor suit that he was wearing. It nearly completely covers his Extremely sensitive but powerful body. Vegeta would have trouble with him. Without his armor he is extremely vunerable. His pain receptors amplify pain by 100 fold. But he has compensated for this by being very fast. His armor breaks at the neck leading up to a helmet similar to those worn by german soldiers in WW2. He also has goggles. His long balck hair hangs out onto the cape ont he back of his armor.
"M'lord"*In a scruffy but graceful voice*
The Other figure stepped forward.
A Tarsinite female, Thralla. A Dark scarred and tattooed Beauty. Don't let her looks fool you, shes a demon. Most Tarsinites loyal to Cinder has major Cybernetic/biomechnical enhancements. Her's are minor. Merely enhanced eyes that allow for targeting and other uses, including finding important items. SHe is where in tank top and black Gi pants with combet boots.
"M'lotd"*In a scratchy medium voice*
"Prepare a small deployment group and have them meet infront of the palace. We shall test the mechanoid plan."
Both clicked their heals and exited.
"I know you are there Arthos....."


Zensoko is twelve years old and around 5 feet tall with black hair and white skin. He is (or was) a human being.

Wind blowing in his face, Zensoko stumbled through a grassy plain on his way towards what looked to be a city. His home had been small and isolated, not more than a hundred people lived there, but he had still been told of the cities in the outside world. He had never believed they would be as big as the one he was approaching obviously was but then again, he hadn't believed he would ever see a city.

Zensoko had led a normal life in his home, trained in the ways of fighting with his friends and family in the way that everyone had since the start of the village. Then, as a celebration of his 12 birthday, he had left on a fishing trip with a few friends. During the trip he had been attacked by what looked to be a very rabid wolf, the scratch he recieved from it had sent him into a terrible fevour.

He fought it for a week, struggling to beat his strange illness. In the end he seemed to win, but later he discovered he had been cursed for life. It was during a sparring match with a tough opponent, when Zensoko was on the brink of failure, when something terrible happened. He changed, transformed into a terrible man/wolf creature and almost killed his opponent.

He had been driven out of the village by the collective force of the village afterwards, the people could not believe that it was really Zensoko and convinced themselves that the monster had devoured him. Zensoko meanwhile ran through the forest, unable to control the emotions flooding his mind. By the time he reverted back to his normal form he was completely lost and convinced that before he even tried to find his way home, he had to find a way to control this new power.

So now he was moving towards the city, living off the bare minimum of food he could gain from hunting. If there was anywhere he could be cured it was there.


"welcome to the Tournament of the dead!" a happy voice said through the arena.

Julianos walked towards the bench and sat on it.

"our first match will be Alquar vs Ting"
a green guy jumped into the ring and in front of him was a blue colored guy. Alquar the green guy jumped towards Ting and punched him away right out of the ring.

"hmm people that was fast, well Alquar won this match!"

"why am I even fighting these guys, wont be a good match anyway"

"next up is Julianos vs Prox"
Julianos flew into the ring and infront of him stood a mean looking fellow.

"Listen up 'julianos' or whatever you call yourself, I will mess you up. cause i'm way more powerfull than you"

"you obviously dont get it. real power consists of 3 things, Physical Strength, mental strenght and the ability to balance your energy. but since you dont get that you wont ever be very strong."

Prox powered up and got mad, the ground started to shake. and suddenly he attacked Julianos.
Julianos just stood there without twitching. Prox vanished right in front of Prox and suddenly showed up next to Julianos. and tried to punch him right in the face. Julianos instantly grabbed his fist before he could hit Julianos. and threw him right at the ground.

"does it hurt?"
Prox hardly could get up "you ****"
"good if it hurts it means you are still alive, you can walk away now before i hurt you a bit too much. and you wont feel pain anymore"

"ok I surrender.."

Julianos turned his back towards Prox. Prox stood up and charged up his hand, and fired a ball right at Julianos. Julianos vanished and stood behind prox.

"fool.." Julianos punched him off the arena.

"Julianos is the winner!!"


Among an Asteroid belt somewhere in Deep Space...

Porunga was a tall man. His muscles bulged and his fists were on fire. Other than the pretty obvious angry disposition, there was only one thing off putting by this Namekian. He was red.
'Amazing!' Thought the Namekian, 'This form, this... Namekian Flame I have allows me to breath in Deep Space! Now, after years of training, I can finally test it's full potential!'
Porunga leapt into the nearest asteroid and crumpled it with one foot.
' But somehow... I feel mad! Mad at different thigs at once... mad at my children being killed... no, I have no children... what was that?' He paused for a few seconds before shaking it off, and channeling the rage into smashing a few smaller Asteroids.
He rocketed back, flying straight into the middle of another, letting of a Ki Wave as he did so. Through the debris he spotted a larger one.
' My new technique... perhaps this is the best time to test it...'
His body relaxed, and his arms fell loosley to his side. He took a few short breaths before shooting his head up toward the monolith of an Asteroid. His hands shot out in front, and his fingers interlocked, linking his arms together. His body suddenly tensed up, and started glowing even redder. His teeth started to grind and his eyes looked menacing, as if he was in pain. His mouth started to form words.
"Pooooooooorunggggggggggggassssssssssss FLAAAAME!!" Wide red beams shot out from every finger, forming an array of shafts.
When they hit the Asteroid it cracked under the stress, then exploded in field of rocky debris in every direction.
Porungas body went limp, and turned green. His eyes closed on one image. An image that lifted his soul. The Asteroid field... was gone... completley obliterated. He fell unconscious there in deep space.


Arthos was taking a break drinking some coffee while watching Doc Briefs fiddle around with some gadget. Suddenly he dropped the coffee. The mug shattered on the ground, With Arthos standing there with his mouth hanging open.
Doc Breif's noticed and stopped fiddling with the finicky gadget.
"Arthos? Are you alright my boy?"
Arthos came too. "Huh?"
"What happened?"
"I think I had a vision doc....."
Arthos cleaned up his mess and walked out slowy.
"I need to clear my mind."
He placed two fingers on his forhead and disappeared.


Zensoko tripped up and fell flat on his face, he couldn't handle much more of this. Where had his last meal been? At least ten miles back and, though his surroundings weren't exactly barren, there didn't seem much chance of a meal where he was.

The city was closer now, or maybe he was just seeing things. His head was swimming and his stomach was aching as he pushed himself up onto his feet. That wasn't a good sign, he had been trained for endurance but his last few meals hadn't been so decent as to keep him going this far. Still, he had to press on. Holding his head in his hands for a second, he concentrated, then looked up.

The horizon was clear again, the city was still far off but he was getting there. He had to keep going. I dont want to die here, he whispered silently to himself. I wont die here!


Julianos was still in the tournament. he had won the fight against Prox.

fight after fight, Julianos beat the guys up. but on the other side. another guy also beat everybody up. His name was Pene. Pene was a human like, but had a tail. Julianos and Pene both reached the finals without a scratch.

"Welcome to the finals!! it will be an exciting match between Julianos and Pene!" the announcer said through the mic.

Julianos entered the ring just like Pene.

"hmm you are strong, but I will kick your ass" Pene threathend.
"we'll see..." Julianos replied.

Pene leaped towards Julianos. He could block the first attack and then a giant struggle began. both very fast. Julianos punched Pene away at a certain point.

Pene smiled. and suddenly there was a line of blood coming from Julianos' cheek.

"yes I am stronger than you anticipated" Pene said with a grin. he then took of his heavy clothes, and powered up. the ground started shaking. His hair turned yellow. and his eyes turned blueish.
"now..fight a super saiyan!"
"super saiyan? never heard of that race before." Julianos replied.

Julianos took of his leather coat. and charged up aswell. The ground started shaking again. and the wind was breezing harder than before. Julianos' hair got a bit more erect, and became white.

"what are you!?" Pene asked in fear.
"your nightmare.."

Julianos vanished and suddenly stood in front of Pene. Julianos punched him in the stomach. and charged his hand while he still had his hand near his stomach. and blew Pene away, up in the sky. Pene stopped in the air, and flew down. he charged Julianos while diving down. he readied his fist and punched Julianos in the face. Julianos didnt twitch and stood in front of Pene with a fist in his face.

"you lack mental strength" and Julianos punched Pene out of the ring.

"We have a winner!! Julianos is the champion!!"
"wow.." Julianos replied, and powered down. he returned to his normal self. and he picked up his leathercoat, and flew away, out of the arena.


In Front of the Palace, 300 soldiers awaited their leader. Telcor and Thralla stood in front of the group. A coffin like pod floated out accompanied by Galak. This pod is Cinder's transport device when not fighitng. He cannot survive for long outside of the pod or his suit for long when not powered up. The Sky was in the dark of night, the stars and Tarsan itself glowed beautifully.
"My soldiers, we leave tonight for a blue world named Earth. It's a good sized world, but we should not have any trouble taking it if we implement the Mechanoid plan. It'll take us 3 days to get there. And that's with Instant Transmission. We will be a far way from home."(Tarsan and her moon's are basically on the far edge of the universe.)

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wow, so many flashbacks... that fan fic was really fun imo as well. Cool that your reposting it, letting all the new forum members read it.
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Thought old Fanfic people might get a kick out of it. :D

I hope thats not the only people who are reading though, if other people are then please post a comment or something. Maybe even questions if you have them. :)
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Hey, give us a chance to rewrite some stuff man. My old work sucked so bad... :S

Engar, this is such a good idea. I'm all hyped up about it! :D Maybe we'll get some interest in it and... who knows, maybe a sequel?

For all those who may or may not remember, we actually did start a sequel but it died after a while. Lack of interest I guess, but I'm willing to take another crack at it, once I go over my stuff here and edit this and that...
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It may have been crap, Scruff, but it was Fanfic crap! :D

If you really do want to edit some of your stuff I wouldn’t mind editing the changes in, but for now I’ll just keep posting. And if anyone wants to start a new FF then you know I’ll be there.

Without any further ado, on with the show!



Veget was flying around, he had already found one dragonball. His radar was basic since this was the first dragonball radar made or so he thought. His radar picked up a dragonball in the area of west city, he also felt some power there, not normal almost saiyan... Veget made sure he brought his sword it was always his good luck charm. He flew as fast as he could but did not power up for he didn't want this other being to sense his presence. One of the men from his previous mission followed him and confronted him.

Giylik "So, now I have a chance to take you one on one."
Veget "I don't have the time to mess with a weakling like you"

Instantly he could sense his enemys power raiseing and his muscles bulged with power.

Veget "You fool I thought I taught your stupid species enough."
Veget did not have time to mess around and went SSJ.

Veget "Time to end this now!"
With a quick flash Vegets arm was through Giylak's purple body.

Knowing that he had been sensed by the being's on this planet he powered up and headed for West City.


Arthos was meditating at the lookout. His eyes sprung open.
Piccolo was walking up but suddenly Arthos stood up and disappeared before he could say anything. He was Back at Capsule Corp. Strangly enough Doc Briefs was waiting for him.
"What's the matter my boy, I've never seen you so jittery."
"Someone's coming, I sensed him from the lookout. My vision tell's me something else is coming, but I have no idea what or when."
Arthos walked out front and looked up, watching the sky.


Blinded by his own work, Hwoarang could still hear the screams of a whole race being annihilated in his head.

"What fools they are" Hwoarang said with a laugh.

"Now to get my revenge on the Red Ribbon Army for throwing me away like I was trash for the dumpster!"

With a rage he teleported back to the ships control room. Flipped the engine switch to standby as the molecules were speeded up. Set his destination and moved the switch to ignite. The stars began to blur as the ship reached its full power. It was at least a 15 hour trip from the tip of the south universe to the planet Earth. Hwoarang set in the pilot sit resting his chin on his left fist as he leaned to his side in the seat. Watching the many lights of the universe glimmer in his eyes.

Approximately 17 hours later his trance was interupted by the sun reflecting off the Earth in his direction. Yawning he got up to prepare for the atmosphere, flipping the switch to activate the heat panels. Strapping himself to his seat he started to break a sweat as the ship shook violently.

"Thick Air" he joked

Once the ship settled down he flipped the landing gear and set it down near a large city. Pressing the hatch button he flew out and landed on the disturbed soil.

"Hmmmm, im not used to having a challenge" as he glanced left and right. Acknowledging some high power levels scattered across the planet. He then began to walk down the middle of the road towards the large city. Cars flew by him barely missing a couple times and he acted like he never heard anything. All of a sudden a huge cargo truck came up in front of him. The truck had no where to go so he smashed his horn for Hwoarang to move.

The truck was right on him before he suddenly reached up and smacked it 100 yards to his right. The truck lay on its side in a grassy field smoking. Then sparks began to appear. The vehicle ignited and then in a quick burst it exploded. Causing traffic to hault and people to stop and look. It was like they all noticed Hwoarang at once and felt his presence. They stood in awe and fear as he walked by them. No one dare move or speak when he was around for some reason.

It seemed maybe his concentration of energy must have suffocated their mind as he walked in the direction of a sign that read.....

West City.


Zensoko pulled himself up from behind a small pile of rocks and stared at the ship in front of him. Nothing had prepared him for this, machines just falling down from the sky in front of him. In the distance he could see a figure striding through a long path in the field, Zensoko himself had avoided it for fear of meeting one of the grey beasts that plowed along the dark path. If a wolf could do what it had done to him, what would one of those things do to him.

But his fear must have been misplaced, the beasts were going right past the figure as if nothing was wrong. The figure was certainly strange though, an unusual power seemed to be radiating from him. Only when one of the great beasts provoked his anger and forced him to hammer it away did Zensoko realise that the figure had to have been trained like Zensoko had.

Forgetting his hunger and his swimming head instantly, Zensoko began to run after the figure. He even powered up slightly to speed himself up, he had previously kept his power low for fear of awakening the beast within him, but if this person was trained like Zensoko then there was hope that the figure would be friendly to him.

But, for a reason he couldn't explain, once he was close enough to yell out, he didn't. He supressed his power and held back. The power radiating from the figure was more evident now, it was truely unlike anything he had ever felt. He could see people inside the beasts but that worried him less than the fear with which they stared after the figure. That kept him back. Torn with his feelings of fear and his need for help, Zensoko pressed his back against one of the grey beasts and shivvered..


Porunga awoke in a cold metal room. The table he was lying on was freezing cold, so he shot up. As soon as his vision cleared he spooted a window, and relized he was on a spaceship.
It was a small room. THe floor had a large hatch right in the middle, obviously what they brought him in with. There was one door leading to the ****pit which he could see through the small porthole set into the door. There was a six armed man inside using the hundereds of keys.
He hadn't notcied before but there was a tall blue alien sitting in the corner wearing... Friezas Planet Tarde armour.
He powered up and glared at the man, who barely flinched.
" What do you want with me?" He asked the guard. " What's going on?"
" We want nothing from you. We rescued you from the void. If we hadn't picked you up you would have gone spinning out here between galaxies forever, never being found. You should thank us."
Porunga took it all in. 'Okay, I was training in an asteroid belt, blew it up with the Fire... and was rescued by these guys? I'm surprised I could breathe... I'm powered down...'
"We were wondering how you survived this explosion when your ship was obviously obliterated..."
" Ship? I mean... um... of course my ship... an explosion..." His mind was consumed by someone elses thoughts again... he tried hard to concentrate... he finally steadied himself.
" I need no cover story for you weakling!" The alien was shocked at his request, he had been polite up until now. " Take me to Fireza, so that I may destroy him!"
The alien smiled. " Frieza? Frieza?!Ha!" He opened the door to the ****pit. "Ha, Syn, get this, he wants to go see Frieza!" They both started laughing hysterically.
"Man! What's so funny!" Porunga screamed at the man, turing red once again. His eyes were bulging.
They stopped laughing. " Frieza.... friezas...."
"Spit it out man!"
" He's dead! Friezas... dead..."


Zeget had arrived at West city, he didn't have time to screw around since he felt levels popping up alover the planet. He powered up and threw a small energy ball at one side of the city. After the thick layer of dust cleared a small orange ball sat on the ground without a scratch.

Veget "Found it, better start to head off."

Then he felt the power coming from capsule corp. and started to power up to ssj2.

Veget "So I get to have some fun on my visit?

Veget heads to the CC building in hopes of finding a worth opponent.


*3 days had past in the next dimension*

"Yema. bring me back too life" Julianos said towards Yema.
"ow, hehe 3 days past already ey, well as you wish. I will send you to planet Earth. good luck Julianos. You will probably need it"

"thanks Yema, thanks for everything"

*In a desert (on Earth)*
lightning struck among rocks and sand. a small storm started to appear and the lightning became more intense. suddenly a flash.
"hmm so this is Earth?..WHAT!"
Julianos sensed some huge powerlevels.
"Hmm I gotta be carefull..wait a minute. there is 1 powersignature in a city, and there is 1 approaching it."

Julianos flew towards that city, trying to keep his powerlevel down. under the flight he saw a board saying "west city straight ahead"

"hmm going to west city then I supose"


'Those men said that Frieza was destroyed by a Saiyan, currently living on Earth.' Porunga was flying at astonishing speed somewhere near our solar system. He had left the ship after learning of Friezas defeat, and headed in the direction of Earth.
He started speaking aloud. " No one, and I mean NO ONE, STEALS MY HONOR!" He boosted into NF mode and started towards Earth even faster than before.
"I'm nearly there... and when I do get there... I'll obliterate the planet!"

In The other Realm...

"When I get my hands on that monkey I'll... I'll..." Frieza looked over at the Ginyu Force, who were playing cards.
" A pair!" Said Guldo to Jaice.
" No fair, you're stopping time again!"
"I don't need to stop time to see your cards... It's so obvious what you've got on your face!"
"Why you--!"
"Go Fish!" Exclaimed Recoome.
" Recoome, we're playing poker! Can't you get any--"
" Sorry lord Frieza" They hastily said in unison.
Cell watches them goof about again until Frieza screams at them again, where he starts talking about revenge
again .
'I'll go insane if I stay here any longer... I've got to try it now!'
Cell had been working on a plan to get himself out of the other realm for the last few years. He needed enough Ki energy on Earth and enough with him in the other realm to pull his body back together. He had to train to get all of his enrgy back, but it was worth it. He could taste victory already. The enrgy left by his death should suffice in pulling his body back together,
" You pathetic wannabees..." he said to Frieza and the Ginyu's... "I leave here today with no regrets about leaving you behind! Frieza, I'm surprised my greatness could derive from a being such as you, and you, Ginyu's, Elite fighting force of the universe? Try buffoons who couldn't defeat fly!"
" There's no way to leave the other realm..." Muttered Frieza... "Whatever you're planning, it won't work..."
" Just you see!"

Cell closed his eyes and concentrated... he started to glow...

Back on Earth, the area surrounding his defeat started to glow as well.... sparks of Ki were gathering in one area... bulding a body from the legs up... once the head was done it turned to stone, and stood perfectly still...

Other realm...

Cells body turned into a blue spirit, and flew upwards into the sky...

"He's.... done it!" Shouted Frieza with envy.


Cells spirit flew down into the stone Cell... The eye opened. Cell was reborn.


The Group suddenly appeared 3 miles west of west city.
"What happened!"Telcor said with surprise.
"We got here early. Prepare the troops, we will take this city now." Cinder was adamant to do this carefully.
"We shall go on foot as to not create any suspicion."


"I knew it! IT WORKED! Time to go and destroy that miserable excuse for a lifeform, goh--! What?" Cell started to glow again. He doubled over in pain. His body was bulging. " WHat... what is going on...... ugh..... can't move...."

His body exploded into Ki particles. They floated to the ground where a large crater had formed. Cell was dead again.

The other Realm...

" Well well, look who is back..." Frieza stood over Cell, smiling. " Couldn't hold yourself together, eh?" His annoying chuckle washed over Cell. Cell threw up his arm and smacked him away.
"SILENCE!" Cell screamed. " I must have total SILENCE!" Cell pointed at them. He opened his hand, and was about to fire, until he felt something.
" Another power... in the area i was... hmmph, reborn... a spirit, uncovered by the blast... I could use that to anchor me in that dimension... I must contact it..."
Cell closed his eyes and mentally searched for the being the spirit belonged to. He couldn't find it. He wasn't dead, just trapped.
" Well, isn't this interesting... not dead? Hmm... No matter, I will just use it as it was supposed to..."

The rebirth went as before, only now cell managed to build his body around the newly found spirit. Finally Cell was reborn.

The body Cell was born into was shaped as before, only on his back were four fully developed wings, His green body was now white, and his black joints were now green.

"if before I was perfect... Then now I must be ULTIMATE CELL!"


Arthos sensed exactly where the incoming power was coming from. He immediatly Transmitted there.
He appeared before Veget, his tail wrapped around like a belt.
"Not to be rude or anything, but who are you and what do you want."

2 Miles away from west city.
"You, there."
"Yes my leige?"
"Go to the city and begin spreading the Mechanoid nanite. you should only need to infect 10 people. Then they can spread it at my whim."

The Soldier stood still and transmit himself into an alleyway in the city. He activated his holographic emitter to blend in with the general population. He isolated a man(Homeless guy) in a nearby alley and remained unseen while he released a small mosquito like device to bite the bum. It was successful. Since the bum was in a restful position, the nanite immediatly put him to sleep and began converting his body slowly from the inside out. It would take 2 hours. His presense no longer needed, the soldier moved on.


" This untamed globe is home to the universes most powerful fighters? Hah! I could destroy it in seconds..." Porunga, floating thousands of miles above the Earth tilted his head back with laughter. He stretched his hand out, smiling, and prepared to fire.

Suddenly, he was distracted by a huge powerlevel coming from just beneath him. He looked down seeing nothing, but still, a strong powerlevel.

'Someone dares to challenge me?' Porunga thought 'I will fight them with everything I have!'


Julianos stopped in his flight. He senses a strong powerlevel from outer space.

"its getting stronger..hmm someone is charging something!"

Julianos charged up to Super dragon, his hair turning white, and a bit more erect.

then while holding his hands by his side. he charged it up.
Julianos looked up, seeing a bright light coming towards him.
Julianos fired his blast. a huge white beam coming from his hands, towards the other bright beam. the 2 beams colided. into a powerstruggle. Julianos was losing just by an inch. the bright beam came closer towards him.

"no..NO!! AHH!!!!!!" Julianos his hair started to point up more, and his black pupils were dissapearing. till only his white eyeballs were visible. and he just shot the bright beam away. a complete different direction then were it was fired from.

"AHH!!" Julianos' energy went berserk, rocks were breaking. so were some buildings near him.
then slowely his pupils returned. and his hair went down a bit.
"this strange power I posses. is my strength but also my weakness. I lose control over my mind." Julianos turned back to his normal self. and landed. "I would check out who fired that shot, but I cant breath in space. lets just hope he will come down towards me."


"M'lord, what shall we do about those massive powers around us."
Cinder's pod floated about gracefully, he hasw nothing to worry about. His suit allows him to breath in space and would protect him from the planets destruction. The others did not know Porunga's intentions nor did they care. There is a property about Tarsan and her moons that give's anone who stay's there for an extended period of time powerful telepathic ability's. Being born there increases that ten fold. Cinder is so powerful a telepath he can invade minds without them realizing it. It's obvious that he probed Porunga.
"There is only one power we should be concerned with. That is Arthos. He is a smart one. The others could be persuaded, save for one. Search him out."
"The one known as Vegeta?"
"Yes, he may very well be a problem. If you wish you may fight him."
"I shall hold back until it is a proper time."
"As you wish Telcor. But he is your main target. Thralla, there is one known as Gohan who must be elminated. I cannot find him though, the only way I can sence him is through Some of the other powers. When we secure the city, seek him out and kill him."
"I will do your bidding M'lord."
Galak is very nervous et extremely powerful and serves as Cinder's direct bodygaurd.
"What about the other's M'lord.
"I am confident in your ability's Galak."
"And Arthos?"
"Leave Arthos to me."

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I may rewrite some of it. I don't like the way I didn't seperate my paragraphs back then, or the dialogue I wrote... I feel almost embarassed by it...

But you're right, no matter how badly I wrote it, it WAS The Forum Fanfic, and it WAS hella fun writing it... I just hope we get a few more readers for it... we had like, 2 last time. :p
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Hehe, I love the old fan fic goodness. Some parts were so cheesey, but so damn good.

Can't wait till I pop in later :D
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Everyone loves cheese!

And if any kind mod (or any above) wouldn't mind, could this thread be renamed as Forum Fanfic 2: Revisited. I originally planned on making each chapter a seperate thread but it seemed too spammy.

Anyway, on with story!



" Gah... my assailant.... strong... but not strong enough... not for Porunga!" Porunga's body started glowing scarlet, and he boosted down towards Earth.

His attacker was soon in sight. 'Some white haired punk is defending this planet? That's worth a few laughs...'
He forze, hovering in front of him. " You boy, you wish to fight I, Porunga? God among Namekians? I laugh at your challenge, but accept it... if only for a good warm up..." He smiled from the corner of his mouth. " And what name shall I personally carve on your tombstone?"
The man, unwavering, said " Julianos."
" Well let's do battle."
Their auras appeared, one white, one red. THey stared each other down, before attacking. The leapt at one another, fists blazing, their arms and legs a mere blur. The drew back, and shot a beam at each other. Both collided, and in a few short moments, both exploded.
Amidst the settling dust, they pounced once more.


Julianos and Porunga heavily in battle

suddenly Julianos punched Porunga away. but at the same time Porunga kicked Julianos away. they both flew back.

"argh...why are you doing this" Julianos asked.


" One of yours... ugh... killed my quarry..."
Julianos face was blank
" Frieza... my enemy was destroyed by people from Earth." Porunga looked at Julianos, who didn't recognise his name.
"Okay... boy, I'm gonna tell you about him, and what he did to me..."
************************************************** **

Years ago, I left Namek as a stowaway on a ship. I left when the ship docked on Corel 4... I was very powerful, even then, and had won many battles. I was entered into a small rebellion against Frieza, a powerful, demonlike creature that desomated planets and traded them to other races. He was pure evil.
I was assigned a Namekian Colony to protect. I took the job knowing oneday I would meet Freiza, my sworn enemy.
I fought off all his troops, until one day, he was the fighter to greet me. We fought, and I lost.
As he was preparing to destroy the colony, I learned of a Namekian Fusion I could perform with other Nameks. I absorbed the whole colony to defeat Frieza once and for all. I fought bravly, but lost none the less... I survived with only the thoughts of my people, and the unrivalled hatred for Frieza.

"A few days ago I learned of his death, and flew here to seek his destoyer. He had taken away my revenge and he shall perish for it..." Porunga sighed and turned back to normal. " My anger has subsided, I no longer wish to fight you. You may go and be merry, for this is your last day in this Realm. Judgement Day is here."


"hmm wait. It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razor-edge of danger and must be fought for. Its not too late to become good, I understand your revenge, but if you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. Think about that, choose wisely my friend"

Julianos jumped up and went towards west city where he sensed 2 powerlevels.


Porunga was left in Julianos dust with only those words. He thought them over and over before...

"wait ...I'm coming too Jules, can't let you get yourself killed, not on Judgement Day..."

He blasted after him, with a new, familiar, sense of hope.

" Okay Jules, where are we going ?"
" Someones eased up..."
" Sorry about that... the Flame makes me... forget who I am... I've powered down, so I'm myself now..."
"Well, you have one hell of a grudge against Frieza"
" Its Not me, it all these people inside me, they all hate him, so I hate him as much as all of them combined..."
" Well, try to keep the ****y, smart ass act to a minimum..."
" Sure thing Jules..."
" And don't call me that."
" That could be a deal breaker..."
" Hmmmph. Well, we're headed towards those powerlevels over yonder. Guess you're really gonna help, huh?"
" I guess... Whoa, thats one helluva city! Namek has nothing on this place!"
" I'm new to this place to. Maybe we can help each other out down here... it's an odd planet."
" Got that straight."
" So, Porunga, think you woulda beaten me back there?"
"Ha! That's a stupid question..."
" Guess so..."
" Cus no doubt I woulda slammed your ass back to the other Dimension"
"Hey! What makes you think you can beat me?"
" Dunno, my ****y smart assed personality?"
" Laugh it up Green Boy..."
" I think I will..." Porunga boosted ahead, and Julianos soon followed...


"I am Veget. I am searching for Dragonballs." The Man stood silent, smiling.
Arthos noticed his tail.
"Another Saiyan? Well now...Lookin for dragonballs...You better have a damn good reason..." Arthos' tail came out from waround his waist and shook itself off as if it were another limb, is then stood idle as Arthos stared at the mysterious saiyan. Arthos looked him in the eye's.
"Don't think you have one up on me boy, I'm your senoir by at least 110 years. And no, I'm not immortal."


Two more powers in the city? More powers popping up around him? What the hell was going on? There was so much happening that he didn't understand, all these sudden powers meant that something big was happening. Something dangerous..

Zensoko slammed his hands down on the metal beast behind him and sent it skidding backwards. There wasn't time to hide anymore, something was happening. The power of the figure on the road wasn't important anymore, he had to act and act soon.

Zensoko clenched his teeth and brought some of his power to bare, the metal beasts all skidding backwards now and the road cracking beneath his feet. Zensoko darted into the air and sped through the air a hundred meters away from the road to avoid the figure. Then he made a burst forwards towards the city, heading towards the two power levels he could read there.

He couldn't begin to understand what was happening in West City, but hiding wouldn't get him any closer to his answers. Hopefully they'd have an answer to his illness and if they didn't they might provide some help. On the other hand there was a chance they would get violent. But, he thought grimly, he was trained to deal with violent people. And if they were too strong, he had a whole different side to him..


Porunga flew next to Julianos. they were going towards West city. once they got there, there were 2 guys talking.

Julianos and Porunga flew towards them.

there were 2 guys who both had a tail. one guy who was pretty big. with a biomechenical arm.

"ok..things keep getting weirder. who are you guys?"
"i'm Arthos" Arthos replied
"and i'm Veget, move along now. i'm just in search for the dragonballs"
"dragonballs?" Julianos asked
"yeah if you gather all 7 of them, you can make a wish. that will come true" Arthos replied.
"wish? you can wish for immortality or anything you want? hmm immortality is more of a curse than a blessing if you ask me" Julianos said.
"but who are you?" Arthos asked
"I'm Julianos and this is Porunga. Hmm, you guys feel that power aswell? i feel danger is incoming soon"

4 guys were floating. wondering what danger was on their way.


" I sense it to Jules..." Porunga powered up. " Won't flame yet..."
"Falme?" Asked Arthos.
"Long story..."
"I can feel it.. coming closer..."
" Me to..." Said Porunga. " It's really powerful... I wonder if---GAHHH....."
" What is it Porunga?"
" You feel that.... coming from... gah... the desert to the east..."
They all concentrated, and immediatley showed they felt it.
" What is that! It's huge!" Exclaimed Arthos.
" Added with this other threat, I think this is gonna be a long day..."


Zensoko stopped dead in the air and landed sofltly on the ground a few meters from a group of people, obviously from where the powers were radiating. Not all of them though, there was one huge power outside of the city. Zensoko made his decision swiftly and moved towards the group, still being cautious.

"I don't know who you guys are," Zensoko glanced over the tails and biomechenica arm, "or what you guys are. But I need help." Zensoko shivered, suddenly aware of how small he must look.
"Please, whats going on here.."


"doesnt matter now, all that matter is that danger is approaching and we need all the help we can get" Arthos said.

"hmm it would be best if we teamed up. If we gotta fight these guys all single handedly, its gonna be very tough." Julianos said.

"hmm just got back from the next dimension, and already i'm almost forced to go back. hmm it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!" Julianos thought


Two hours had Passed. The Afformentioned Bum was stadning infront of Capsule corp. He put his had out and fired a blast at the Building, blowing a hole in the wall.
"What the hell was that! Come on!"
Vegeta came out and looked at the Bum. The Bum suddenly Powered up and started burning. His skin and clothing burned away exposing a completely mechanical Musculer system and skelatal system.(Think T-800 with muscle like structures on it) Arthos saw it in his fake eye. He stopped dead. The other stopped and looked at him. "It's much worse than I thought. Thats a mechanoid. One of Cinder's Zombie-like soldiers. I hope Vegeta's home."
The Mechanoid powered up, surrounded by a deep-red aura.
"What the hell is that thing." Vegeta eyed it instensely and went SSJ.
The Machine spoke in a robotic voice."Warrior, surrender now and Cinder will spare your life."
"Surrender? HA! I wont surrender to you, you rickedy ******* puppet!"
Upon that, the Mechanoid attacked on the ground....

Arthos watched from the range he was at.
"This is gonna sound wierd, but hold onto me." Everyone looked at him wierd. "DO IT!" The 3 of them grabbed on and Arthos placed 2 fingers on his forhead. They suddenly appeared In the middle of the battle. Vegeta had drawn back powering up and attack when suddenly Arthos powered up to SSJ2 and grabbed the mechanoid and threw him straight up in the air. "What are you doing interfering Arthos!" "He was going to trick you into killing alot of people! Get him now before he can recover! He still has a human brain!" A pissed Vegeta complied and fired up in the air, a large explosion commenced.
"I'm going to kill you for that Arthos!" "No need, If we don't get started now, we will all die." "What? Thats nonsense!"
"Cinder is on earth. It's too long a story to tell. I am now reaching to you with my mind, open yours." In a matter of seconds the group knew what they were dealing with.

"I was a brash, 38 year old Saiyan opposing King Cold. We fought numerous times, him leaving me for dead every time. The First 2 times i recovered. The 3rd I did not. My body was left adrift in space, my body preserve by th cold vacuum. I drifted for 3 years. I was found by Tarsinite Explorers and Scientists. By body was repared with the Implants you see and reborn on Tarsan. In exchange, I was committed to Serve the world for 10 years.(Makes him physically 54 now) He was my adopted brother. His brother had died and since we were both physcally the age, Ra'shik(His original name)'s Father Loyk had Decided to adopt me as a son as part of the terms of the training and service. He became my brother, and I felt for him as such. We even shared a tecnique known as a Fusion. That will take more explaining later on. He went to the forbidden cave in the Laka mountains. Apparently something happened there to cause hom to loose any good that was in him. All that was left was a shell of a man, Pure evil. Good was restore to only one victum of the cave. But that was 200 years ago. He went on a quest to recover the dragonballs of Tarsan and make a wish for immortality. The Creater of Tarsans dragonballs made sure the dragon could not grant that. When Ra'shik's wish wasn't granted he went bezerk and began killing people. The cave also gave him great power. He began a genocide against his one race, and it was decided by the Council to deploy the Archons in an effort to kill him. I was determined to Restore the good in him and Vindicate him of his crimes. The Archons failed. Ra'shik had made a wish. He wished that he was the only Tarsinite who could transform to Templar and beyond. They were no match. He worked his was straigt to the Arbitor himself. As he was about to kill Lord Gerual, Myself, My wife Majel and Loyk intervened to fight him. Majel and Loyk were killed first. He wanted to toy with me. The Death of my master and wife caused a major change in me. I transformed into a Supersaiyan. I defeated Ra'Shik(Who had started calling himself Cinder at that time) before he had a chance to transfrom into a templar again. I stayed on Tarsan fopr a year extra to make a wish. I wanted to wish back those who Cinder killed, but there was a more important wish. I restored the transforming abilitys of Entire race. Then I fought followers of Cinder and ascended to a level 2 Supersaiyan. Then I left my only son mace In the custody of The Archons to train to become one. I came here and helped fight Cell. I've been here ever since. I thought Cinder was dead, but he is not."

The Cool thing about this sotry is that it took no more than a few seconds as it was fed mind to mind.
In audible speech: "There should be 9 more mechanoids, this was one of the menuvers the Followers of Cinder used during that battle."

The Forces of Cinder were entering the city from the west. The Battle is Nearly begining.


Veget stared deeply at arthos's tail, and seemed to be troubled.

"I thought I was the only saiyan, can you go super?" Veget asked

"Of course I can!" Arthos said

**Felt the power of Porunga And Julio

"This trip may get pretty fun!"

Takeing off his armor leaveing his shirt and pants he took in a big breath; his power doubled by droping all the weight.


"looks like this will be intense. "

"guys I should tell you something about me, since it can be dangerous for you and me. I come from the planet Dragonzia. it was a very beautiful planet, doing no harm to anyone around us. Then one day, a strange ship arrived. I couldnt sense a huge powerlevel or any danger. a man stapped out of the ship. he was inspecting the planet or something, just looking around. then trough a radio he said something, I couldnt hear nor see it from that range. but instantly more ships were approaching. and this time i could feel great powerlevels and danger. all the ships landed and 3 guys came out of every ship. I fought with everything I had, and I could defeat those guys. But I wasnt ready for what was coming. A huge ship landed almost directly in front of me. a friend of mine, pulled me away from that ship. he saved me that time. His name was Aquintas. in a few hours the beautiful planet was not beautiful anymore, all the green turned into black of darkness, and red of blood. Everybody I knew died. After a while I flew towards the guy that caused this. even now I still dont know his name. the minute I saw him, i attacked with everything I had. that made me a Super Dragon. but after a while. the fight still seemed in feign, because I almost lost, my dragon instincts came. I turned into a Divine Dragon, what you saw Porunga when we had a power struggle. It can be very dangerous since I dont have a clear mind of what i'm doing. and in that fight on my homeplanet. i sacrificed everything. I blew myself up with all the power I had. I went to the next dimension and lost my homeplanet. even in the next dimension I could sense his powerlevel. knowing that he wasnt destroyed by the blast. Aquintas wasnt on the next dimension, I have no idea where he could be right now. I made a deal with King Yema. that I would do everything to protect the next home i would go to, in a year I could go to Earth. and now i'm here. trying to protect it. maybie even dying to protect it."


It was an incredible feeling, he wasn't told Arthos' story, he remembered it. It was just suddenly there in, in his memories, his anger for King Cold, his pain from losing his wife.. It rocked Zensoko for a second, then the feelings faded and he was able to think clearly again.

This Cinder was hell bent on destruction of everythin, and eventually that would lead to his home. It didn't matter that they had driven him out, he loved his people and would give his all to save them. He'd give everything he had, and said so to Arthos right there.

Zensoko then looked towards Julianos as he spoke and realised that he had the same sort of problem that Zensoko had, an uncontrolable power that dwelled inside him.

"I must confess something as well, not so long ago I was attacked and suffered an illness. I thought I recovered, but I'm even now suffering because of that illness. I have the ability to transform into a beast of great power, something terrible. But I lose control over myself when this happens, I become wild. Its possible I'll gain control over time but.. I may be a danger to those around me in the mean time. Please.. be careful around me.."

Zensoko turned back to Arthos.
"If you want it, my help is yours. I don't care where your leading us, I'd follow you to the next dimension if it stopped the destruction of Cinder and saved my home.."

Zensoko clenched his right hand into a fist, glowing briefly as loose energy ran around his finger tips.

"Just tell me what I can do to help.."


By now the citizens of West City began to feel his presence. He walked from the main road to the center of town with people freezing up with shock, right and left. They felt his power and the enormous energy within and were scared for their lives.

Though it wasn't his fault, amatuers like Frieza, Majin Buu, and Cell had giving these people that paranoid feeling. Hwoarang was just another fighter looking for answers. Answers he couldn't find as of yet. The explosion and peircing screams of that planet he destroyed flashed into his head. He began to go into some kind of revengeful rage.

He could never control this rage, it seemed to be something that would always haunt him. The Red Ribbon Army promised him glory and victory. But threw him to the scraps when he wasn't obediant anymore. He was surprised to be back on Earth in the first place.

Then all of a sudden, something clicked in his brain. Sparks of lights began to appear around him. He threw his arms up and clinched his fists. Standing in the center of a city block, his red aura began to shoot off him in loud waves. Cracking the sidewalk around him and shattering windows. Crowds of people screamed and ran in the opposite direction. Hwoarang was puzzled and floated up slowly. By now 4 or 5 city blocks were piles of dust and a collection of cement slabs. Hwoarang realized his power was too strong to control.

Finally his energy was balanced out, still he never let his gaurd down. He sensed a large concentration of powerlevels that seemed to be meeting in the west. Hwoarang's red aura began to flash and surround him again. He powered down and landed on the ground, surprised and in awe of this massive ki's organizing around the city.


The very cosmos quaked from the epicenter that is earth.

So many vast powers, so much tension . . . there was a growing displeasure. For on this world, lie the key to the utter annihilation of all of creation.

And these fools would soon release planet destroying energies against one another in a cataclysmic orgy of destruction, likely destroying one of the keys that held all creation in check. Those who have created this universe have no desire to see it all destroyed over pride and hate.


Dende looked down upon the earth in growing dispair. Piccolo gritted his teeth, wondering when the fighting would start.
"Grrr, there's too many of them Dende."
"I know Piccolo, I don't know if they can be stopped by anything on earth. But I sense good in some of them, as I suspect you do," Dende replied soothingly.
"Dende, that may be so, but look at them. That one with the white hair can barely control his power, Arthos is always out of control. How long till Vegeta goes into a rage? Look at the namek, he bares the hatred of our race, and I don't beleive I need comment on the android. There a bunch of powderkegs sitting on heaters . . . the situation will be out of control. Even if Gohan wasn't slacking, could he defeat them, or prevent the destruction of West City?"
"We're in fate's hands Piccolo, the good ones will have to overcome their shortcomings."
Just then Kami's lookout began to shake, the clouds darkened, and the world below was thrust into chaos.
"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT," growled Piccolo as a large winged being with red skin and massive curved horns flew by them . . . towards west city.
"Piccolo, where are you going???"
"After it, I can't stand by and watch it happen anymore Dende. Useless or not, I have to try and stop this."
"I understand."

The gaurdian at the gates was coming. And no force on earth or in the otherworld would stop him from protecting the key.

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yeah brings back nice memories..but I still know that at some point, I stopped writing. I wanted to write again, but the story was too far going, over 10 pages longer than before, so I couldnt re-read everything and start writing again. that's why I kinda stopped abrupt.

beginning was nice though :)
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I don't even think we wrote your character out... oops... O_O
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It was more that some people didn't realise we had restarted the series, we probably should have sent a pm to everyone. :D
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I don’t know about the rest of you but this is almost as much fun to read as it was to write. It might not be the best thing in the world but I like it! :D

Anyway, back to the story..



"Thralla, I've decided that maybe you should go take care of Gohan now."
"Yes m'lord."
Thralla appeared in front of the Small mountain cottage, prepared to strike.(THis will commence later)

Arthos stood looking at Veget, thinking. "I've been thinking, how far were you from Vegeta when she blew, I was still frozen in my capsule when it happeded. I didn't know until I fought King Cold. I was frozen for over 200 years after all."
(I will wait for the actuall answer from vegetto)

Telcor's arms and fingers twitched with excitement. Galak, though the most powerful of the 3 of Cinder's main henchmen, cringed in fear, suffering from self esteem problems. "What if we ca-ca-can't beatem!?!?"
Telcor looked at him."Galak, I don't see how you can be such a coward!"


Porunga had sat down behind the group, who were discussing the fight to come. He was sitting in his medative position, but he couldn't concentrate. His mind was swirling with other peoples thoughts.
Porunga had tried it many times before, to try and block out the voices of thousands, but always to no avail. He had tried deep in space many times, but even the cold silence of space wasn't enough.
His mind cleared the instant the transformation was over, but it didn't help at all. He could never be at full power because he feared he would lose himself completely. He needed someone to teach him how to control and channel his rage... he had already found a friend in Julianos, but he seemed like he had his own demons.
'Arthos and Veget both seem surprised at seeing each other. They are Saiyans obviously... they must have thought each of them was the last one. 2-1 says they hit it off...
' I wonder... what could this... Cinder have in store for us? Will I be forced to use my full potential?'
He entered a medatative state, only this time in his true form. He searched the globe for villains... and came out of the trance immediately.
' Two... strong powers... one, a humanoid, a powerful humanoid, and the other, a dragon type beast. Their powerlevels are equal. I'd best not worry the others... I'll go check out the humanoid one first... he feels familiar... almost like... FRIEZA! God Damn, he's dead! How?! I have to go search... now!'
He pulled Julianos aside from the group. ' I can feel another powerlevel... I'm going to check it out. Don't tell the others, under ANY circumstannces, okay?'
" Sure thing... is it strong?"
" Deadly..."
Porunga took off without another word.


Julianos saw Porunga fly off.
"hmm another deadly enemy?

Julianos thought:"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. and that which does not kill us, makes us stronger."

Julianos focused on Porunga's mind, and used telepathy.
"dont go into battles you cant win my friend. let me know if you need me."


Zensoko turned and looked after Porunga, where could that strange creature be going? But the answer was in his mind before he had finished asking the question, there was still that figure in the city. That was the only thing close enough that would be reasonable to fight. And Zensoko had ran away from it.

That strange creature might be completely unprepared for what the figure could do, he certainy couldn't fight alone. So Zensoko powered up and kicked off the ground without a word to the others, he darted along the road hoping that he would get there before -

'Not so fast' the Julianos person appeared in front of Zensoko and grabbed him by the hand. I don't have time for this, thought Zensoko desperately, I need to help! I can't have someones life on my conscience!

Julianos had no way to prepare for what happened next, Zensoko's arm seemed to swell under his grip and he was forced to release his hold as energy crackled up the arm he held. Zensoko looked normal, his arm was no different. But there was a wild look to him as he darted towards the figure. An animal look.


Zensuko, he's following me!" Porunga could feel the power of the monster in the desert. He had to lose this guy...
Porunga turned round, kicked Zensuko in the face, shot a small but powerful beam, and teleported further away. He was a few miles away from Zensuko in seconds, but he had already recovered, and was heading his way again.
" Go away, I have to stop this thing!"
" You're totally unprepared to fight it! Let me go instead!"
" I could mop this planet with you boyo, and don't you forget it!"
" Look! Bickering will get us nowhere, let's both go!"
Porunga considered... he decided. " Okay... just let me... LIGHT SCREEN!" His hands blasted painfully bright light into Zensukos eyes, knowcking him out cold. He flailed to the ground.
" I doubt you can beat this thing anymore than me. One things for sure here, I go alone..."
Porunga flew off in head of the danger.


Zensoko hit the ground hard, but woke after a few seconds from the collision and got quickly to his feet. How dare he attack Zensoko, he was just trying to help! Hit hit me, thought Zensoko, me hit him! Me kill him! Me kill! Kill! The ground around him quivered and quaked, dust swirled in the air as he gathered energy.

Zensoko's arms fell to his knees, glowing as energy crackled up and down them kill and power pooled in the palms of his hands. He kill followed Porunga with his eyes, never kill looking away or blinking. Then he kill swung his arms upwards, yellow energy bursting kill outwards and piercing through the air on its path straight to Porunga. NO! The beam of energy faded from sight, Zensoko's hands fell back down again.

He fell to his knees, gasping for air as if he had been unable to breath. What had he almost done? He could have hurt Porunga! He could have ki-killed him!

Zensoko grasped his head in his hands, this thing inside him was so strong, so overpowering, that he could barely resist it. It had been so angry. It could do anything, hurt anyone. It was still there, growing stronger even now. Its going to take me over again, its going to hunt down Porunga and kill him!

Zensoko threw his head back and screamed. Energy crackled and sparked off him, he glowed as he powered up more and more. The air swirled round and round, ripping rocks and boulders from the ground and shattering them in mid air. The ground fell underneath his feet, giving way to the pressure caused by the power he summoned to control his inner demon. Then he stopped.

The rocks fell, the winds stopped and Zensoko fell to his hands and knees. But only for a minute, he was better now. The creature inside of him was gone, but for how long he wasn't sure. Nothing could appease this creature, his only hope was to submerge its will into his own, to make it a part of himself and take control of it.

After a few seconds he rose off the ground an floated back towards the group. He landed a few feet away from them, but wouldn't meet their curious gazes. He waited until they turned back and then moved quietly towards Julianos.

"I was wondering," Zensoko whispered quietly, "If you might know a way to fight someones inner demons. Because mine is so strong that I'm afraid it will swallow me whole."


"To tell you the truth arthos I was on the planet, but back then I had achived ssj in secret."
"So I was the burning core of the planet until frieza left."

Veget sensed even more powers comeing.

"Damnit with all these powers comeing up the planet is bound to explode just if we get into the same area."

"Arthos I ask of you a favor, help me defeat this mass number of enemy's and for you Julio and Porunga the same."

Veget clenched his fists ready to fight.


Clouds started to circulate around his body like a giant tornado. His eyes formed pupils his eyebrows faded. As his hair shot out of his head everyone on the planet could sense his power. Veget had for once truely powered up to his max. The clouds broke away and a glow was around Veget.

"Now is the time, if you are with me gather your strength!"

With that he flew to the nearest level with power glimmering in his eye. Even though he had finished powering up he knew he had more in him, but for some strange reason his power within was still covered.


Vegeta was gettig jumpy. "What the hell are we doing standing around!"
Suddenly, off at the other end of town, visible to the group, a large building fell to the ground as a massive amount a good sized powers was airborne, attacking random targets. They had no intention of destroying the city, just striking fear in the inhabitants to make it easier to hold the town. Suddenly, a voice could be heard.
"Inhabitants of West City, you are now under the control of Myself. Lord Cinder."
Off to the side Telcor appeared with 12 Tarsinite warriors. Telcor sucker punched Vegeta knocking him out. All 13 of them powered up and transformed. Their muscles increased in size slightly(you cant see Telcors muscles under his massive armor, but it does increase with the nusckes size), and their jet black hair turned bright blood glowing red and became loose and stringy. Thier pupils disappeared and and their eyes began to glow bright white.(equal to ssj) Telcor didnt stop their, he ascended to a new level. His eyes began to change to pure bright glowing red. red not that different than his hair, with increased in length and became slightly stiff, but remained down.(Equal to SSJ2) All of their back spines(Telcor has holes in his armor on the back so his spines can come out unhindered), which are nomarlly just abnormally long parts ont heback of vertibrae, increased in length and pierced the clothes becoming quite visible. Telcor's merely pushed up the cape. Telcor still didnt stop. His Eye's regained color and continued to glow, they were now yellow with red veins all over them, his pupils returned and were a peircing bright glowing red. His hair shot out at least a foot and became very rigid. His spines began to pierce his cape.(Equal to SSJ3)

"You had all better be ready." Arthos transformed into a SSJ2. This si were things get wierd. His eyebrows disappeared. and hair increased somewhat in length. Veget spoke"Supersayian 3?" Arthos replyed "Not quite yet." He let out a louyd long scream. His muscles increased near extremely. His pupils and eyebrows disappeared, his hair which was somewhat long, began to get extremnely erect. He suddenly stopped. "This is as far I've been able to get. I know of my Pontential to reach another level, but can't do it yet. This is a quick replacement. I call it, Supersaiyan 2.5(SSJ2.5, or USSJ2). Ok Telcor,*Puts hand out in the Rock's style* Bring it."
The Entire group attacked. Arthos and Telcor immediatly grappled.


While arthos dealt with telcor, Veget had begun to fight the twelve others that were with telcor.

"HAAA!!" Veget let off a energy beam crumbleing one Tarsinite warrior. Another warrior snuck up behind veget and got him into a body lock. A second warrior popped up and started to beat Vegets stoumch in. Blood came out of Vegets mouth then he formed a body energy beam. Instantly the two warrior were vaporized. Veget was recovering from the stoumch blow waiting for the rest of the nine Tarsinite warriors to come.


Thralla raced towards where her eye sensors indicated Gohan was, Lord Cinder wanted him destroyed, and destroyed now. No problem. A saiyan teen? He couldn't be nearly as powerful as Arthos . . . and she was confident a child would not have the knowledge to back that power.

Power without the skill or experience to use it was useless.

There it was, Gohan's power, her sensors were delicately tweaked to find their quarry. There would be no escaping her. She was the finest Tarsanite hunter ever, and the next kill would be the same as the last thousand.

Just then, everything went wrong.

Her alert sensors scrambled to life. A power, unbeleivably strong, hid itself from her till that moment. It stood before her now, in all it's near horrific glory, as beautiful as it was terrifying. Nearly eight feet tall, red skinned with massive horns that curved like the rams of this planet. White wings, full of shimmering feathers, and a halo adorned this herald, his orange eyes filled with his obvious message. He drew a massive arm across his chest between the three feet seperating them.


It was too little too late. The mighty being struck her across her face, sending her reeling through building after building. When the dust settled, she could hear him.

You and your kind will stop this meaningless conflict till my work here is done. If you do not, you and your comrades will face extinction, for I am the enforcer of the will, and gaurdian of the gates.

Fortunately for her, his blow just caught her off gaurd and she was hardly injured. Just enraged . . . and humiliated. No one humiliates Thralla.


Gohan's school trip to the museum was going well, till all these massive powers arrived . . . Piccolo was one of them, but felt so small in comparison. It was like a dozen Cells began fighting it out in west city! Then the collapsing buildings outside told Gohan that perhaps training was in his best interest. Piccolo appeared inside however, grabbing his wrist.

"We can't stay here, we have to return to the lookout."


Thralla got up and faced the beast. "Insulent beast! I will crush you!"

She performed the amazing transformation that the other Tarsinites performed and reach the 3rd level of it(Refresher, Long rigid red glowing hair, lean powerful muscles, yellow veiny eyes with glowing red pupils, increased lentgh in back spines)"You deal with a Tarsinite." With unbeleivable speed she pounced, and began throwing what appeared wild anger clouded blows. The beast saw this and thought he could outsmart her. He attemped to grab her arm and slam her face first into the ground. She dodged and attemped kick the beast in the back of the head. He dodged, grabbed her leg and threw her......She quickly recoved and landed. "Dark bomb!" A pure black ball of void, came forth and begannsucking in all energy around it. It was 3 foot in front of the beast. It exp-loded harmlessly but had takien in alot of energy. She appeared directly infront of the beast with her hands on her face Solar Flare style. "BLACKOUT!" A flash of pure blinding darkness commenced and temporaliry blinded the beast, whom she awas about to sucker punch. HE did it first. She flew and skidded on the ground, quickly recovering. The blackout weared off and the Beast looked at her. They stood there, staring.


Hwoarang began to raise up higher and noticing the rubble he left, for some reason he felt sorrow for the humans under the rocks. He began clearing up the mess his simple powering up left. Thats when it hit him, like a flashback of purpose he realized his origins.

Voices flashed into his head "Stop it! Stop it!, his eyes were barely open at that age. Blurred shots of soldier carrying him off, as his mother and father screamed. To where, he alread new that answer. A guinea pig for Dr. Gero and his team of scientists to manipulate and make him into a killing machine.

Like a shot of lightning, he began to form his rage again. Similar to the rumor of another legendary saiyan he heard about on his previous planet. He began to set off large waves of red aura that glowed on him and shot off. Rising up higher he could see in a distance, a saiyan holding his stomach and another with white hair one attacking abnormal metallic-like creaters. Also he felt an incredibally strong namek farther off. He flew up higher and watched as the saiyan released beams that vaporized the machi nes.

He wondered since he was an android, was he next?

"This planet seems to be crowded with powers, I might as well head in the their direction and deal with them if it gets ****ty" Hwoarang said

Hwoarang balanced his power out and leaned forward, his aura became solid red and shot a beam to the ground. He began to move forward and jet'd in the direction of the 2 saiyans and the namek.


Julianos noticed 4 Tarsinite warriors approaching him. he instantly became Super dragon.

"Resistance is futile"
"..sure it is.."
Julianos closed his eyes, while 2 Tarsinite warriors attacked Julianos. first he could dodge 1 blow, and after that he punched 1 Tarsinite warrior into his stomach. leaving an explosion. the other Tarsinite warrior fired a beam. but suddenly Julianos appeared right behind one Tarsinite warrior and took him out with a single blow to the neck

Julianos opened his eyes again.
" can you see and hit us without opening your eyes?" The 2 Tarsinite warriors asked.
"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance, and you have much to learn." Julianos replied.

Julianos rose his arms, both hands pointing at both of the Tarsinite warriors. a bright light came from both hands, after the light was cleared. both Tarsinite warriors were gone.

Zensoko was flying next to Julianos. "you still havent answered my question" he said.
"yeah sorry, was a little busy there. Good questions outrank easy answers, and I have no idea what to do, I let go of the grib sometimes with my Divine Dragon side. but meditation helps. i'm sorry i cant give you a better answer. I should know tho, my race age a lot slower than most races. i am old. not physical, but i have an old soul. I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here, and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end. my soul is eternal."


Without transforming, Zensoko was easily the weakest of the group. Julianos had said that sometimes he had to let himself go, but Zensoko wasn't sure he could do that. I want control over it, Zensoko thought desperately as he struggled to keep up with the others, not to become a part of it.

He was so preoccupied he didn't see the warrior shoot towards him until the last second, he barely had time to dodge the punch he recieved and even then the next knocked him to the ground. But Zensoko was tough and his opponent under-estimated him. While his opponent hovered lazily in the air, looking for another person to fight, Zensoko cupped his hands and sent an energy beam into the ground beneath him.

The power shot him straight into the air and smashed him into his opponents mid-section, Zensoko didn't stop but twisted in mid air and smashed the warrior in the face with a kick. Zensoko fully appreciated his weakness and was giving it everything he had as he pressed his advantage. Punch after punch, kick after kick, he pummeled the dazed warrior and then, when the warrior moved to punch Zensoko away, he brought his two hands together in a energy blast to his face.

Zensoko gasped for breath, the exertion had taken a lot out of him and he needed a few seconds to recover. But he didn't get those seconds, the warrior shot through the dust and the smoke in the air and smashed into Zensoko's stomach. Winded, Zensoko fell forwards and was unable to stop the warrior from gripping him by the neck and squeezing.

Zensoko could feel himself slipping away, his mind fading into the darkness. The noise was gone, the battle was no more, he was finished. Then, just as he took his final breath, something shot through him from his head to his toes and burned along his nerves.

Zensoko's arms twisted and shuddered, the bones jutting out in strange places as they changed and grew. His face, right infront of the warrior, warped and became pointyer. His nose grew and his mouth moved with it, the teeth inside sharpening and increasing in size. From his trousers burst out a long bushy tail and waves of hair spread all across his body. The warrior was terrified, this was unlike any transformation he had seen, the power increase was too great to be possible. His hands fell to his sides and he backed up but his fear seemed misplaced as the monster fell limp towards the ground with none of the apparant power. Shaking himself back to his senses. he powered up a beam and shot it towards the monster. Julianos turned and saw that Zensoko wasn't behind him like he thought, that he had become the monster and that he was about to be killed. He cried out but his voice was lost in the noise of the battle.

The beam seared through the air on its path to the limp monster, the warrior laughing at the impudent child who thought he could face such a strong person. The beam met the monster and the explosion rocked the buildings around them. But when the dust cleared the warrior could see no remains, and he could still feel the monsters presence. He snapped around quickly, catching a glimpse of it pausing on the side of the building. Then it was a gone and he had to turn again, and again, and again until it was shooting right towards him. He moved to block a punch but the monster slid its arm past his blocks and gripped his head in its clawed hand. Then it squeezed.

After a few seconds the warrior fell to the ground, a bloody pulp where his face should have been. The creature that had once been Zensoko raised its head and roared before darting from building to building towards another warrior. The hunt was on!


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