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May 29, 2002
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Not too many loops to choose from, but I found an hour or two worth of enjoyment in it.

Loops include basic samples from every genre, except for country and calisto, I believe.

My setup:

1. Kristi (Keyboard) Loop 3 (100% Volume) *best sample imo*
2. Adam (Drums) Loop 3 (75% Volume)
3. DJ Drastik (Turntable) Loop 3/5 (45% Volume)
4. Kristie (Drums) Loop 5 (50% Volume)

I like to slowly lower the volume in a certain order, Kristie, Adam, then DJ Drastik, to give it more of a progressive house/trance feel, instead of a tedious continuity. They key to this one, is to not be afraid to change between at least two similarly themed loops on a certain musician, keeping rhythm with the intended intensity of the song.

If anyone knows anything similar to this, maybe even better, please feel free to post links here.

Get mixing, fool.

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