Different timespaces?

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Dec 8, 2002
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So, what do you guys think?
I've currently been watching this anime called "Noein" and it's mostly based on timespaces. Different timespaces means that there are many "worlds" just like ours, where there are the same people and everything, just kind of a different dimension, thus meaning there are infinite worlds troughout the different timespaces, and each persons personallity is different in each timespace, only the same looks.
This anime also is resolving alot around Quantum Mechanics which has gotten me really interested in the subject, so I picked up two books which I'm currently reading, and damn I have to say, its fun!

So any opinions? A good thought and answer to what happends to us when we die is that we travel to a different timespace and get reborn. --- This kind of thing can really get you thinking ;p, I storngly reccomend everyone watches the anime by the way.

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