I open debate about what they prefer or like more... Earth's Special Forces, Zeq2 or Bid for Power...
I start by analyzing the mods by rating them through graphics, sounds and gameplay:

In ESF the gameplay is the one that convinces me the most despite the fact that its graphics are out of date for the time it far exceeds Zeq2 and Bid for Power,
In graphics it lags behind... In my opinion Bid for Power looks better than ESF but Zeq2 exceeds 2 more than once for its modified Quake III Arena engine, in sounds the least outstanding is Bid for Power with voice sounds in Japanese and English mixed and sounds that I suppose come from WoW in my final note ...

• Graphic section: 8/10 for the time in which it left is accepted
• Sound: 9/10 the sound quality is up to Zeq2
• Gameplay: 9.8 / 10, honestly the best playable DBZ game I have ever played being unofficial even.

• Graphic Section: 7/10, it is up to the DBZ games of 2012 or 2008, but its animations are somewhat crude
• Sound: 10/10, I don't have much to say, it includes a good soundtrack and good quality sounds ... (I guess the soundtrack is original, right?)
• Gameplay: 6/10, movement feels rough compared to ESF and BFP.

Bid for Power: Basically this is my childhood.
• Graphics section: 7.6 / 10, the graphics themselves are somewhat better than ESF but there are some models that do not contain the same quality and some rough animation
• Sound: 6/10, honestly the worst of all in the sounds section due to its low quality of some sounds and some taken from other games
• Gameplay: 7.3 / 10, for the time of 2001 it was the best there was but nowadays it already feels a bit rough.

In conclusion:
ESF: 8.93/10
Zeq2: 7.66/10
BFP: 6.96/10
In my opinion ESF is the best of the 3, I do not consider myself critical xD

(sorry for my bad English)
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It should be clarified that when I speak of Bid For Power it is of its versions of DBZ in general :b
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In conclusion
Bid for power poop
Zeq2 dead shit
Esf the best non offical game
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After at least a solid 15 years, ESF is still top notch. Whether it was the website itself, or the best sound track that I still listen to (huge props to whoever made it btw), it's an amazing group of developers (don't remember if anyone branched off to work on GHP but that was pretty amazing while it lasted). I mean considering they do this on their spare time and have been honing their skills for the past decade I can only imagine what release will be like.

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