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Dec 31, 2001
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1. gohan transformed
piccolo"he what the how could he turn into a ape i destroyed the uh?"

goku"yajirobe watcha got there"

yajirobe" trying to get this penny but im to fat"

piccolo"no u idiot ur moon is huge let the penny go!!!!!"

2. depressed shenlong 1

everyone training

vegeta "stop why is it when we summon the dragon hes lways sad looking"

goku "ur right oh well"

Vegeta"i got it!!!"

everyone "what"

vegeta "i be sad too if people kept losing and playing with my balls"

3. depressed shenlong 2

goku"get the dragonballs fast we have no time"

20 mins later

goku "so um get them guys

gohan piccolo "we got 5 together"

krillin "uh oh"

evreyone "what"

krillin "did u say dragonballs i thought u said get the dragons balls"

4.yamca hevean or hell

king yemme"so yamcha uve done good and bad things what shall i do i know i should let u tell one good deed that u did and u can go to heaven"

yamcha "ok i seen vegeta hurting bulma so i went over and clokked em one to save bulma :)"

king yemma "when did this happen?"

yamcha "bout 5 minutes ago"

not the greatest but still are kinda funny
Nov 26, 2001
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That's about as funny as tearing out your eyes with a hot iron poker.

Actually..the iron poker would be more fun than reading that ****....

oh well

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