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Jan 2, 2003
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Chapter 1 : Avoiding Death

Gaspar was sleeping again. He had the amazing ability
to sleep while standing. To the untrained eye, he just seemed to
be very still. But people who saw the bubble coming out of his
nose every time he breathed could tell he was asleep.
There was a padding of soft feet coming up behind him,
stalking him carefully like a predator.
In fact, Gaspar's stalker liked to think of himself as
a predator. A hunter with amazing killing skills. The stalker
slowly crept around Gaspar, until he was in front of the old
man, who was still asleep.
The stalker smiled before he gave a war cry and leaped
at Gaspar's face, knocking the old man down.
Gaspar gave a cry of surprise as he was knocked to the
floor. His hat fell off his head and his walking stick clattered
to his side. After coming fully awake, he glared at his
attacker who was grinning at him from his position on Gaspar's
"Spekkio, get off of me this instant!!"
The master of war was in his cute and furry form. He
grinned and stepped off of Gaspar. "Ha! Spekkio, 64 688, Gaspar,
ZERO!!! Hahahahahaha!"
The fur ball grabbed the stick and started to wave it in
the air as part of his victory dance.
"Spekkio, I have no time for this!" Gaspar said,
frustrated. Slowly, he got to his feet, his bones creaking.
"Owowowowo! That smarts..."
Spekkio whirled around, "whaddaya MEAN we have no time
for this?! Time is the one thing we DO got!" He continued to
dance, raising up the walking stick in victory.
Gaspar groaned. "I'm too old for this game, Spekkio. If
you want me, I'll be in the other room." With that, the old
man walked to the other room, and slammed the door shut behind
"Hmph!" Spekkio grumbled, twirling the stick, "spoil
sport." He walked around the room a few times, trying to contain
his boredom but failing.
"Mannn, Gaspar is so dull! I want a new friend to play with!
Yeah! I want a warrior, a fighter! Someone who'll spar with me!"
Spekkio paused for a moment, before giving a sigh of frustration.
"But who'll I get?! You'd think I'd be able to have the
cream of the crop what with me being the master of war and living
at the end of time... I should be able to get any warrior from
anywhere and any time I want to!!"
Spekkio threw the stick to the ground and sat down, his
fists supporting his head.
"Hmph! But noooo! Gaspar won't let me pull people from the
time line anymore! He's gotten so uptight about changing history
and the future and everything after that Crono incident..."
Suddenly, Spekkio blinked and leapt to his feet. "I've
got it! I'll just take someone AFTER they've done their bit
to the timeline, when they're not important anymore, and then
Gaspar can't throw a big fit! Yes!!"
Spekkio grabbed Gaspar's walking stick and twirled it
around happily. Then, he pointed the stick at the middle of the
room and shouted, "time window!!"
Suddenly, a big black screen opened up in the middle of
the room, at the place Spekkio had pointed to.
Spekkio snickered, and rubbed his hands together. "Alright!
Time window, show me 1000 AD."
The screen suddenly came to life, showing the kingdom
Guardia from a distance.
"Find Crono."
The screen zoomed into the city, and roomed around the
different houses. Finally, it settled on one house for a moment
before entering through a window. It showed Crono, sleeping
peacefully in his bed.
"Time window, fast forward Crono's life at a second/day
The window suddenly when into fast mode, showing what
Crono would have done in a day in a single second. In this
manner, Spekkio was able to see Crono's life for the next few
years in a few minutes.
"Time window, stop!!"
Spekkio grumbled to himself. "Rats! That kid's gonna be
important to time for years! By the time I can pluck him out,
he'll be so old he won't be able to fight!! Grr... looks like
I can't pull Crono out."
Spekkio tapped his chin. "Hmm... I know! Time window, go
to prehistoric times, 65 000 000 BC. Find Ioka village. Locate
The screen did as Spekkio asked and pretty soon, a tall,
muscular woman with unruly yellow hair was on the screen.
"Time window, fast forward Ayla's life at a second/day
The screen again, did as Spekkio asked and Spekkio watched
Ayla's life for a few seconds.
"Stop!" Spekkio grumbled again. "Great... Ayla's important
to time too! What am I gonna do? All the good people are already
out. ARRGH!"
Frustrated, Spekkio threw the walking stick through the
screen, causing it to distort and fuzz out.
"Oh no!!" Spekkio cried as the screen blinked a few times,
"don't break! Don't break! Gaspar'll kill me!!"
The window blinked a few more times, before the vision was
restored. However, the image was not Ayla. The image had somehow
shifted to medieval times, around 575 AD.
It was showing the scene when Cyrus and a human Glen were
facing Magus and Ozzie. Magus pointed a finger at Cyrus, who was
suddenly pulled towards the mystic. With a single stab, Magus
mortally wounded Cyrus, before throwing the knight back at Glen's
feet. Glen started to panic. He looked up and Magus pointed a
finger at him.
Suddenly, Glen was on fire. He stumbled around before
falling off a cliff and into a river. When Glen regained
consciousness he was a frog.
"Time window! Stop! Go back to the time of Cyrus's injury
and pause."
The screen showed the fallen knight, lying on the grass,
a bloody hole through his chest.
"Hmm..." Spekkio tapped his chin. "Cyrus! That's it! He's
not very important to the timeline! The most important thing Cyrus
did was die so that Glen would become Frog, bitter with
the death of his friend, so then Frog would go face Magus and
eventually Lavos!
"Yes! Other than dying, Cyrus didn't really serve a
purpose! Well, except for the upgrading of the Masamune, but
that's workable..."
Spekkio began to formulate a plan. ~ A few seconds after
Glen falls off the cliff, Magus and Ozzie will leave to go
back to whatever they were doing. Cyrus will die three minutes
after Magus and Ozzie leave. All I have to do is pull Cyrus
through the time window, heal him, and then I'll have a new
playmate! Yes! ~
Spekkio snapped his fingers and suddenly, a small pail
appeared. Happily, he skipped to the corner of the room where
a bucket of healing elixir was.
Picking up the bucket, he poured some of the shimmering
liquid into his pail. After he put the bucket down, it was
full to the rim again with elixir.
Spekkio went back to the time window, and put the pail
down beside him.
"Time window, zoom out, un-pause, slow motion."
The time window zoomed out until the entire cliff could
be seen. Then, in slow motion, the time window showed Magus
shoot Glen with fire. The green-haired boy teetered on the
edge of the cliff for a few seconds before falling.
Magus smirked while Ozzie gave a laugh before they both
turned and walked out of the clearing, leaving Cyrus lying on
the ground with only a few minutes more life.
"Time window, pause. Open window to inter-time interaction
The window paused and then started to give a humming noise.
After a few seconds of humming, a sweet spring breeze began to
blow through the end of time. The smell of water invaded
Spekkio's nose.
Spekkio took a deep breathe. "I've forgotten how lively
the time line is. I have to go back into time more often."
Then, Spekkio jumped through the window. He landed on soft
grass in the 6th century.
Spekkio looked around him and saw what looked like a
window in the middle of the air. The other side of the window
showed a dark room that was the end of time.
Spekkio smiled. He looked around for Cyrus and found the
knight a few seconds later. He waddled up to the knight and
crouch so that he could see Cyrus's face clearly.
"Hi! I'm Spekkio!" Spekkio greeted.
Cyrus, even though he was dying, had enough life left in
him to look at Spekkio, a surprised and started expression on
his face.
"W...who... ou..?" Cyrus mumbled out.
"I'm here to save you from certain death," Spekkio replied.
"You are going to repay me by playing with me for all time,
Spekkio didn't wait for an answer. He simply hefted Cyrus
up, and then threw him through the window. Cyrus landed roughly
on the hard floor. A few moments later, Spekkio jumped through
too, landing beside Cyrus.
"Time window, close!!" Spekkio cried.
The time window shrunk into a line and then shrunk again
into a dot before disappearing completely.
Spekkio turned to Cyrus, who was writhing in agony on the
floor. His blood was already beginning to stain the stones that
made up the ground.
Cyrus's breathing was labored. He would only live for a
few more seconds. That is, if Spekkio didn't choose to throw
the healing elixir from the pail on him at that exact moment.
The elixir seeped into Cyrus's body, healing all injuries
as it spread through him.
It was a horrible burning sensation, having his heart
suddenly grow new tissues that knitted the organ back together.
As his heart started to heal, the hole in his chest started to
close too. The skin was pulled tightly and then sealed together.
It hurt too much. Cyrus gave a shout of pain before he
blacked out.


"What in all the world possessed you to pull a stunt like
"Hey, it's not my fault!! If you'd be more friendly and
play with me more often, I wouldn't have had to go find a new
"There is a difference between finding a friend and pulling
a person out of the timeline to become your virtual slave!"
"Hey, he's not gonna be my slave! He's gonna be my friend!"
"Well were you going to give him a choice as to if he even
wanted to be your friend?"
"I rest my case!"
The yelling and the screaming was what awoke Cyrus from
the slumber he had gone into after the healing elixir had
painfully healed his body.
The knight of Guardia groaned softly before opening his
eyes. He saw eternal blackness that was the sky at the End of
Time. Cyrus sat up groggily, trying to look at his surroundings.
He seemed to be in a dungeon of sorts.
~ What happened...? ~
Beside him was his armor. He was only wearing the shirt
and pants he had donned under them. Cyrus examined his shirt.
There were lots of bloods stains on it, recently dried. There
was also a hole in his shirt, made by a blade of some sort,
directly on top of his heart.
Cyrus suddenly remembered.
~ Magus. The cowardly vermin had wounded me fatally! He
put his blade right through my heart! But... that can't be! A
wound like that would have killed yet... here I am! How...
how can it be that I am still alive? ~
Cyrus examined his armor. It was bloodstained too. He
fingered the chest plate and saw that there was also a hole
directly where his heart would had been. Magus had stabbed him
with a blade powerfully enough to cut through steel.
"I don't bloody care! This is your problem, and you have
to deal with it!"
Cyrus looked up. There were two... 'people' shouting
at each other on the other side of the room.
One of them was an old man with a long white beard. He
was wearing a clothing style that Cyrus had never seen before.
The other person... was a short hair ball with white fur,
brown ears and really long arms. His face was hairless and
~ What are they arguing about? ~
"You should not have pulled Cyrus out of the timeline!!"
Cyrus blinked. ~ They're arguing about ME. ~
Cyrus watched the two yell at each other for a few
more seconds. They didn't seem to notice that he was awake
now. Since they were arguing about him, Cyrus decided that it
was okay for him to join their conversation.
"Excuse me," Cyrus said, "but... where am I?"
The man and the fur ball both stopped in mid-sentence,
turned their heads and stared at him.
"Wow, he's awake already?" The old man asked.
The fur ball nodded. "That healing elixir's powerful
Cyrus frowned, "I'm sorry. I don't understand... where
am I? Am I dead?"
"Well, to put it bluntly, you should be dead," the old
man replied. "But first, I think an introduction is in order.
My name is Gaspar, formerly a guru of the Kingdom of Zeal,
but now, the keeper of the end of time."
Spekkio waved, "hi! My name is Spekkio, the MASTER of
WAR!!" He cried.
Cyrus bowed. "I am Sir Cyrus, a Guardian knight of the
square table."
Spekkio nodded. "We know that. You're in history books
as one of the greatest heroes of all time."
Cyrus blinked. "History books?"
Gaspar sighed. "I think we should start at the very
beginning. This could take some time." Gaspar snapped his
fingers and three chairs and a table appeared.
Cyrus stared at the furniture. "How did you..."
"I am the keeper of the End of Time. Everything here
molds itself to whatever form I want it to," Gaspar replied,
calmly sitting in a chair. "Living in a kingdom of magic
once upon a time didn't hurt either."
Spekkio took a seat too. Gaspar and Spekkio both looked
up at Cyrus expectantly. The knight sat down on the chair
after checking to see if it was tangible.
"End of Time?" Cyrus asked, "what does that mean?"
"The End of Time is a place outside of the timeline.
From here, one can observe the timeline," Spekkio said.
"Yes!" Gaspar cried. "Observe is the key word here! We
observe, not manipulate!"
"Ignore him," Spekkio grumbled. "Anyway, here's the
story. I was bored and Gaspar was being mean, so I decided to
find a friend. I tried finding Crono or Ayla first, but they
were too important to the timeline to be plucked out. To make
a long story short, I saw you and I thought, 'wow! Here's a
guy who can fight well and isn't too important to the timeline!
I'll just save you from death, and bring you here so you can
be my friend!' Only, Gaspar here, says I shouldn't have done
Cyrus's head swam with confusion. "Huh?"
Gaspar hit Spekkio on the head with his walking stick.
"Idiot. Let me explain."
Gaspar looked at Cyrus. "Everyone ever born is important
to the timeline. Anything that anyone does, can and will
impact history and time. However, some people are more important
than others. Crono and Ayla will be making contributions to
history and time for the rest of their lives. However, most
of your important contributions to time will happen, AFTER your
death. So, when Spekkio foolishly saved you from death, he
changed time."
Cyrus blinked. "You mean... for my entire adult life, I've
protect the King and the Queen, and you're saying that that's
not important?!"
"No no! Of course that was important. Had it not been for
you, Queen Leene would have been killed years ago from a random
attack by the mystics," Gaspar replied, "of course your
contributions in life are important. It's just that the ones
that you made after your death are much more important."
Cyrus blinked, "how could I be useful after my death?"
Gaspar sighed. "I really shouldn't tell you your future,
but I guess it doesn't matter anymore since time has changed
"Anyway, your friend Glen, will use your death as a
reason to improve his fighting skills. Without your death,
he would not have gained the skills he needed to face Magus and
later on, Lavos.
"Also, after your death, you will become a ghost. Your
ghost will haunt some old ruins where your grave was for around
400 years. In that time you would have been charged up with
spirit-energy. After Glen sets you free, all of this spirit-
energy will enter the Masamune, causing it to raise to energy
levels previously unrecorded.
"This new energy in the Masamune plays a large role in
the ultimate demise of Lavos."
Gaspar sighed again. "So you see, it would have been the
best had you died naturally so history would not be altered.
Unfortunately, what's done is done. I can't put you permanently
back into the timeline so long as you are alive, and it is too
cruel to kill you, not to mention that it goes against my
personal principles."
Throughout Gaspar's entire explanation, Cyrus couldn't
help but become more and more skeptical. By the time Gaspar
finished, Cyrus was convinced that the old man was either
lying or crazy.
"Okay... if what you say is true," Cyrus said slowly,
"then why don't you just go back in time and stop Spekkio
from saving me?"
Gaspar shook his head. "You can't go back in time during
the end of time because the end of time is not part of the
time line. Therefore, I can't go back to when Spekkio opened
the time-window to inter-time interaction to when he closed
the window so I can't stop him. Understand?"
Spekkio shook his head. "No! I'm confused, and I LIVE
Gaspar rolled his eyes. He looked at Cyrus, who looked
back at him blankly.
"You don't believe me, do you?"
Cyrus shook his head. "No. I'm having enough trouble
believing that I am suppose to be dead. Then you throw in
time travel! I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word you say."
"I'll prove it to you." Gaspar replied. He pointed at
somewhere with his walking stick. "Time-window, open."
The time window suddenly appeared.
Cyrus stared at the screen. "What in the world...?"
Gaspar shook his head. "No. Not in the world. In time.
Pick any time you want, and I'll show you it on this screen.
You want to go back to your sixth birthday party? Or do you
want to go back to the day you were drafted into Knight-hood?"
"This window... can show me any time in history?"
Gaspar nodded.
Cyrus was skeptical. "Okay, fine. Show me the day I
stopped those four kids from picking on Glen in the forest."
"Time window. To the time Cyrus just talked about."
The screen blinked once before showing a forest. Then,
it zoomed in to a clearing in the forest. A young child with
spiky green hair was surrounded by four bigger kids with
purple hair. The other kids were pushing and spinning the
green haired kid around.
Cyrus's eyes went wide. "T... that's Glen!" He cried.
As Cyrus watched, a younger version of himself
suddenly jumped into the clearing. He had reddish hair then,
and was wearing a blue suit. When the purple haired kids saw
him, they instantly ran away. The young Cyrus went up to the
younger Glen to comfort him.
"Time window, pause." Gaspar turned back to Cyrus.
"There. Are you satisfied? Or do you want to see another
time period. How about the exact moment you decided to
enter knight-hood? Do you remember when that happened?"
Cyrus nodded. "Of course I remember! How could I
"Time window, un-pause and show the exact moment Cyrus
decided to enter knight-hood."
The time window suddenly showed another scene. It was
close to sun set, and a Cyrus just out of his teens was
shown, standing on a bridge, leaning on the railing, watching
the sun set. The breeze blew his now completely brown hair
around. Behind him a few feet stood a green haired youth.
"Time window, pause. Close."
The time window closed.
Gaspar turned to Cyrus, who still seemed to be in
shock. "Do you believe me now?"
"You were telling the truth," Cyrus said softly, "you
were telling... oh god, then... I should be dead! Magus's
strike should have killed me!"
Cyrus collapsed on his chair, a look of horror on his
face as he stared off into space.
Spekkio frowned. "Gaspar, what's wrong with him?"
"He's just discovered that he should be dead," Gaspar
replied. "It's a big shock to a lot of near death victims. It's
not unlike when spirits can't accept their deaths so then they
become ghosts."
"How long before he snaps out of it?" Spekkio asked.
Gaspar shrugged. "Could be minutes. Could be months.
But time is the one thing we have, right?"
Spekkio nodded. "Yeah..."


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we need to merge our fanfics one day! it would be sweet!:yes:
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Merging them? Mabee, or mabee well work on one together! Then it would be twice as long! :talk:


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no if you played the game, only glenn/frog is the only one who speaks the old tongue...for some odd reason
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A mERGEd sTORy, tHAT wOUld BE....................INTERESTING........
GReaT sTORY Glenn.
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I have stopped in my fanfic, well because Magus's is better. Mabee well work on one together. But if I get bored I might finish my fanfic.
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Nah, Chrono Trigger was rereleased on the PSX with cutscenes. Nothing special.

Chrono Trigger is great, but I'm not so sure it's the best RPG ever. {SPOILER} The fact that Chrono dies is what kept me interested, even though they go and get him back... what is up with bringing people back to life? Somehow this is all DBZs fault for starting the bad idea.
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Originally posted by Sonic Boyster
Nah, Chrono Trigger was rereleased on the PSX with cutscenes. Nothing special.

Chrono Trigger is great, but I'm not so sure it's the best RPG ever. {SPOILER} The fact that Chrono dies is what kept me interested, even though they go and get him back... what is up with bringing people back to life? Somehow this is all DBZs fault for starting the bad idea.
ohh yea, I looked at the site and watched one of the fmvs (when they meet robo) looked nice... but thats all it was, just nice, unless its cheap im not gonna buy it if I ever see it, since its basicly the same thing with afew fmvs (ff6 style..)
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i heard extremely bad things bout the loading time so me no wanna buy it
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merged stories?


lol j/k. I can't sit at my comp and read long stories like this, but I read half since I like CT. Spekkio and Gaspar are from that place where you can warp to different times right? and spekkio is the one that gives you magic? heh I still remember this after 5 years...

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