1. The Deco

    Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes

    So most of you probably heard it. It is a Chrono Trigger super nintendo rom hack that created a fanmade sequel to the game. It bridges Chrono cross and Chrono Trigger (I played both) It is pretty fun I might add, sometimes I forget its fanmade (except for some moments where Crono talks...
  2. Arcader

    New Score in: Trigger Knight

    AngelTech is the new Trigger Knight champion, achieving a highscore of: 7595298.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  3. Arcader

    New Score in: Trigger Knight

    Viper is the new Trigger Knight champion, achieving a highscore of: 2725640.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  4. Arcader

    New Score in: Trigger Knight

    dbzrogue is the new Trigger Knight champion, achieving a highscore of: 1064570.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  5. Arcader

    New Score in: Trigger Knight

    Skyrider is the new Trigger Knight champion, achieving a highscore of: 845010.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  6. The Deco

    Chrono Trigger, an Existentialist reading

    Found this about a week ago, read only 2 parts until now(I think there are 6 parts) It is basically showing the Existentialist elements in Chrono Trigger found by the author. I find it quiet interesting. I am just sharing it with you guys who are interested, yes...
  7. Sonic the Vampire

    Chrono Trigger Vs. Final Fantasy VI (Specifically VI) and the Best RPG you've played

    Edit- Somehow I didn't notice the other, similar thread, but I think this one is more specific to what I want to know personally. These two games were arguably the very best of their rank and file. The top of the top tier RPGs released on the SNES before the Playstation moved in and everybody...
  8. The Deco

    THATS IT!! Chrono trigger vs Final Fantasy

    Decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chrono Trigger vs Final Fantasy Please refer to this at your reply: - Why did you choose what you chose? - Is it ok that square-enix completely ignores re-making Chrono Trigger and focusing on Final Fantasy...
  9. Hibiki

    Chrono Trigger DS tick tick
  10. The Deco

    Chrono Trigger series

    Wish I could say now that there is gonna be a series but there was never planned one. For people who don't know what im talking about and what "Chrono Trigger" is so here - (as usual, wikipedia) So for people who know the game or got...
  11. M

    Chrono Trigger

    I need someone to recommend some RPG's that are better or as good as Chrono Trigger. I've beaten Mario RPG, and I can't find any other good RPG's for the SNES.
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Chrono Trigger Guitar Tabs!!! go to the chrono trigger section, has tabliture and midi's to see how it sounds. coolio for us guitar heroes.
  13. -Blaze-

    Other chrono trigger games

    I really want to see something new from chrono trigger , mabe someone know any good CT games that are around? I only know that there is(was) CT:Ressurection project, but it's dead. :(
  14. -Blaze-

    Chrono Trigger +New Game

    Can someone give me a CT save were is +New Game if it's possible, it happends when u win all the game. I win all the game but +New Game gone and all the saves gone. Thats damn. :] Im sorry if it's illegal. :cry:
  15. tekhsheen

    Chrono trigger

    i started playing chrono trigger again today... this time no cheating 'OMG' anyways i got a screeny to show u how far i am right now and u can use it as a background too ^-^
  16. -Origin

    Once and for all; Chrono Trigger opinions.

    I'm well aware that there are a lot of CT fans on this forum but I don't remember CT ever getting it's own thread. Personally, CT is the RPG for me. I've played it for the first time 10 years ago, back when it was just released and it's the only game I have ever played that's got me replaying it...
  17. C

    Chrono Trigger's Chrono

    Yet another Fighters Unlimited model. [Chrono | Chrisknyfe | 3ds Max] [See below for updates] Heavily WIP. Besides the above crits, what else could this guy use? (besides a skin... I'm going to talk to Almighty_Gir to get some advice on skinning muscles and facial features.)
  18. S

    Chrono Trigger

    I'm Playing chrono Trigger, and I'm stuck. Yes I know its an old game but i want to beat it! I'm in the under water fortress thingy and the boss there are two of the golems that that halve your HP and then deal about 300- 250 damage to you. I can't beat them and I would like suggestions. The...
  19. S

    Entity Respawn after break

    ok, I want to make an entity with func_breakable where when you touch it it breaks and then it comes back in 2 seconds. I tried spawn on break but in the drop down menu it only says nothing. Thanks in advanced.
  20. Wangster

    trigger teleport

    well, im THIS near to finishing my verry first map for esf, its simple, but really big im not telling much about it, cuz just wait till release, but here's my prob, i want to put some teleports in the map, i do know how, but i cant, i dont have the trigger teleport entity, but i do have the...
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