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Mar 2, 2002
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I think that the Scouter needs to be re done or something where certain characters like

all of the Z team dont have the scouter but when u press the Scouter button it will warn u with a certain sign like when ur being shot in Half life

this would indicate a Person becoming Stronger or they r charging a beam or the beam has been fired and is coming towards u

the down side is that when u select the character u wont be able to read their pl just sense how strong they r by seeing how big the inidicator is on ur screen

while on the other hand u would get people like vegeta etc with the scouters where they can detect beams just hear them but they can Detect people on the scouter from long distances and scan their pl etc
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Aug 21, 2002
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Vegeta can sense KI, too
it would be too much code
scouter works fine for all
and it would unbalance the game if anyone would know if a player behind him is charging a beam

turn second mode (radar mode) on (with scouter) and you have exactly this (just not with beams)

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